Attel COX-RG8/U Coaxial Cable

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The Attel COX-RG8/U Coaxial Cable is a single core transmission cable that is capable of high-speed data transfer. Coaxial cables are known for their resilience and strength which allows them to be used for years on end without sustaining damage.


  • Durable PVC outer sheath that withstands wear and tear
  • Braided outer conductor
  • Dielectric: Solid polyethylene
  • Material (inner conductor): Bare copper
  • Material (outer conductor): Bare copper
  • Inner conductor diameter: 0.724 mm
  • Approximate outer diameter: 10.3 mm
  • Characteristic impedance: 50 Ohm

The Attel COX-RG8/U Coaxial Cable is designed to provide quick data transmission without outside interference thanks to its sturdy and reliable insulation features. Most single core coaxial cables such as this are used for home purposes, but some are also favoured in industrial settings thanks to their ease of installation and application.

Areas of use: Telecommunications, Signal Control, Cable Operation, Communications, Home Use