Founded in 1992, Tufropes is one of the largest manufacturers of high quality synthetic ropes. Tufropes caters to an array of markets. Today Tufropes is at the forefront of rope innovation, combining the latest rope-making technologies with strong and durable materials.


Over the past twenty five years, Tufropes has carefully engineered and manufactured its ropes using an appropriate combination of raw materials, construction processes especially suited to Marine & Shipping applications. Tufropes products allow for high strength, low stretch solutions across a variety of applications. Tufropes products are designed for rugged and outdoor use and withstand extreme weather conditions.


Tufropes products are customized to suit many stringent applications for greater safety. Tufropes offerings guarantee safe and cost effective solutions which are suitable across the globe in a wide variety of industry segments including buoy mooring systems, tug and salvage lines, offshore working and lifting lines, ship and barge mooring lines, inland river lines, utility and winchliness, emergency tow packages and so on.