Fluke 717 Pressure Calibrator

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The Fluke 717 Pressure Calibrator is a lightweight and portable calibration device that provides a highly durable build for sturdy, rugged use in intense work environments. This pressure calibrator has an extremely high accuracy and provides efficient, quick results for a variety of functions.


  • Eleven engineering units
  • Works with gases and liquids
  • Long battery life
  • Pressure range: 5000 psi/345 bar sensor
  • mA accuracy: 0.015%
  • mA resolution: 0.01 mA

The Fluke 717 Pressure Calibrator is resistant to splashing, dust, and even EMI, allowing it to be easily put to work in countless situations and withstand all forms of damage. This pressure calibrator is a great tool for those working in engineering, electronics, manufacturing, and other similar fields.

Areas of use: Maintenance, Industrial, Construction, Electrical, Electronics, Automation, Calibration, Installation, Repair Services, Manufacturing, Engineering