Justrite 893300 30 Gallon Cabinet

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The Justrite 893300 30 Gallon Cabinet is an insulated vertical container designed for safe and secure storage of flammable materials that allows convenient access at the same time. The heavy duty 30 Gallon Cabinet is equipped with dual vents for flame arrest, a grounding connector for surge protection, insulating air space for fire resistance, and self-levelling feet for stability.


  • Safe Sure-Grip® EX
  • 2 manual doors
  • 1 adjustable shelf
  • Material: 18 Ga CR Steel
  • Capacity: 114 litres
  • Colour: Yellow

The Justrite 893300 30 Gallon Cabinet is manufactured with hard wearing welded steel and heavy duty manual doors that open fully to 180 degrees and close completely through a concealed self-latching mechanism. The high performance 30 Gallon Cabinet complies with international quality and safety codes and comes with a ten-year warranty.