Wheel Chair

  • Karma KP-12T Children's Wheelchair, Karma KP-12T Powered Wheelchair, Karma Children's Powered Wheelchair, KP-12T Children's Powered Wheelchair, Karma KP-12T Children's, Karma KP-12T Wheelchair, Karma Children's Wheelchair, Karma Powered Wheelchair, KP-12T Children's Wheelchair, KP-12T Powered Wheelchair, Children's Powered Wheelchair, Karma KP-12T, Karma Children's, Karma Wheelchair, KP-12T Children's, KP-12T Wheelchair, Children's Wheelchair, Powered Wheelchair, Karma, KP-12T, Children's, Powered, Wheelchair


    Children's Powered Wheelchair, KP-12T

    The design of the KP-12T Children's Powered Wheelchair takes into account the need to protect a child’s developing spine and body while they are using this wheelchair. As such, many features of this Children's Powered Wheelchair are designed to...

  • Soma SM150.5 F22/F16 Wheelchair, Soma SM150.5 F22/F16, Soma SM150.5 Wheelchair, Soma F22/F16 Wheelchair, SM150.5 F22/F16 Wheelchair, Soma SM150.5, Soma F22/F16, Soma Wheelchair, SM150.5 F22/F16, SM150.5 Wheelchair, F22/F16 Wheelchair, Soma, SM150.5, F22/F16, Wheelchair


    Soma SM150.5 F22/F16 Wheelchair

    The Soma SM150.5 F22/F16 Wheelchair provides a comfortable and simple option for both caretakers and users who require the need of a wheelchair. The F22/F16 Wheelchair comes equipped with padded armrests for additional comfort, and a cloth strip to...

  • Karma eFlexx Folding Wheelchair, Karma eFlexx Power Wheelchair, Karma Folding Power Wheelchair, eFlexx Folding Power Wheelchair, Karma eFlexx Wheelchair, Karma Folding Wheelchair, Karma Power Wheelchair, eFlexx Folding Wheelchair, eFlexx Power Wheelchair, Folding Power Wheelchair, Karma eFlexx, Karma Wheelchair, eFlexx Wheelchair, Folding Wheelchair, Power Wheelchair, Karma, eFlexx, Folding, Power, Wheelchair


    eFlexx Folding Power Wheelchair

    The eFlexx Folding Power Wheelchair is a robust, crash-tested wheelchair that can be used as a seat in motorised transportation. If this isn’t necessary, however, the Folding Power Wheelchair’s lightweight and compact design can be folded and...

  • Matsunaga FR-31TR Reclining Wheelchair, Matsunaga FR-31TR Reclining, Matsunaga FR-31TR Wheelchair, Matsunaga Reclining Wheelchair, FR-31TR Reclining Wheelchair, Matsunaga FR-31TR, Matsunaga Reclining, Matsunaga Wheelchair, FR-31TR Reclining, FR-31TR Wheelchair, Reclining Wheelchair, Matsunaga, FR-31TR, Reclining, Wheelchair


    Matsunaga FR-31TR Reclining Wheelchair

    The Matsunaga FR-31TR Reclining Wheelchair is a luxurious wheelchair that allows a user to completely recline if so desired. This Reclining Wheelchair allows clinicians and caretakers to move patients from their beds to other places, all while ensuring...

  • Matsunaga NEXT-21B Standard Wheelchair, Matsunaga NEXT-21B Standard, Matsunaga NEXT-21B Wheelchair, Matsunaga Standard Wheelchair, NEXT-21B Standard Wheelchair, Matsunaga NEXT-21B, Matsunaga Standard, Matsunaga Wheelchair, NEXT-21B Standard, NEXT-21B Wheelchair, Standard Wheelchair, Matsunaga, NEXT-21B, Standard, Wheelchair


    Matsunaga NEXT-21B Standard Wheelchair

    The Matsunaga NEXT-21B Standard Wheelchair is a foldable wheelchair that is comfortable and lightweight for the convenience of both user and helper. This Standard Wheelchair features foldable footrests and an integrated braking system for additional...