OEM General Purpose Multi-Colored Nitrile Gloves, Snug Fit, Good Grip, Comfort Fit, Chemical Resistant, Household Cleaning & Gardening -Pesticides Application, FDA & CE Approved

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White Label OEM Nitrile Gloves at competitive price. Low Order Minimum of just 200 boxes/order.

Is this your first venture in the custom made gloves, no problem. We OEM well known brand-name gloves you see every day. We will work with you to design custom made gloves that meet your specific business needs. 

Choosing The Right Glove For The Job: Cleaning, Gardening - Pesticides Applications

Household Cleaning 

Cleaning means regularly coming into contact with a range of chemicals, abrasive materials, and other potentially hazardous material. Selecting the best OEM nitrile glove for cleaning applications means not only ensuring that the hands are protected against the materials they will come into contact with, but that the gloves themselves are comfortable to wear and easy to use.

Coming into contact with cleaning agents without the proper protective gloves can mean irritated, red and sore skin, and even result in the development of rashes or dermatitis. More serious effects can include burns and scarring, or at worst, poisoning. Protective gloves should always be worn when coming into contact with cleaning agents and choosing the right cleaning glove for the task is imperative. 

Nitrile Gloves protect hands against a range of chemicals including acids, oil-based chemicals, solvents, detergents, and abrasives, making them a fantastic disposable glove for most cleaning applications and often superior to their latex or vinyl counterparts. Nitrile gloves are particularly popular in cleaning, thanks to their levels of resistance to chemicals and other hazardous materials.

Are Nitrile Gloves Safe for Gardening?

The best type of gloves to wear in the garden depends on the task. Thick cloth or leather gloves provide good protection and help prevent blisters when you’re performing heavy tasks, such as digging, cultivating or raking. When using garden chemicals, such as fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides, nitrile gloves are a better and safer option. 

Nitrile Gloves are the best choice to protect your hands from garden chemicals because they provide an impermeable barrier between your hands and the chemicals you use. When they fit properly, they allow a firm grip that helps prevent accidents, even when handling wet or slippery objects. In addition, they don’t tear from minor scrapes.

What are Nitrile Gloves?

Disposable nitrile gloves have been used for decades in many different applications, from medical examinations to automotive manufacturing, agriculture & farming to food processing, cleaning & janitorial, sanitization & disinfection and more. Their synthetic formulation, free from natural rubber latex, is resistant to a range of chemicals and oils, which is why they’re often preferred over other glove materials such as latex rubber and vinyl gloves. Natural latex gloves, as opposed to synthetic materials like nitrile, can also cause reactions in those who suffer from latex allergies, which is another of the reasons many workplaces choose nitrile as their preferred glove material.

Nitrile gloves are formulated to provide a higher level of abrasion and puncture resistance than latex or vinyl gloves, making them an excellent choice for applications where hazardous materials are a factor. 

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Why Us

1. We Custom Made Gloves to your Exact Specifications

If you are looking at customizing gloves for a specific market need, we have a team of technical designers to co-create with you. Our designers always stay on top of component material innovations. 

Whether they are specialty gloves with high puncture resistance, low weight gloves that are price competitive but maintain good quality, black nitrile gloves that are chemical resistant  or long cuff nitrile gloves for extra protection from high risk environments, our technical designers know which materials and constructions make these gloves fit and feel right. Customizing gloves to suit your specifications is what our technical designers do best! 

Powdered to powder-free, sterile and non sterile, finger textured to smooth surface, from blue gloves to green and orange, purple to black and white gloves, we tailor made the perfect gloves for every market and  end-application, from the broad based and volume driven medical markets to the niche industrial and specialty markets. 

2. We Make Private Labelling, Easy. Our Glove, Your Brand!

With years of experience in this business, we can easily and fully customize glove packing to suit your business and branding needs. 

Our existing range of glove packing can be easily modified to match your brand colors. We can also add your corporate logo to our ranges for a premium quality look. If you need to further distinguish your brand from our other OEM ranges, we can make design modifications.

Our whole glove range is available for private labelling, so just get in touch to start the process.

3. Gloves at the Right Price Point

Headquartered in Malaysia, the heart of the largest rubber producing region in the world and having direct access to key suppliers and technology, we are able to offer our customers superior gloves products at competitive prices. 

Specializing in OEM and private labels for the export market, backed by years of experience and immense market knowledge, we can help you to tailor make your gloves to your requirements at an efficient low cost to receive higher profit margin. 

4. Quality Assurance

All our gloves are manufactured under stringent quality assurance and control systems. Our gloves have earned quality recognition with CE markings and are compliant with various international standards.

  • ASTM D 6319 & EN 455 Certified -  for medical application 
  • EN 374 Certified - against dangerous chemicals and micro-organisms
  • ISO 13485 Accredited 

5. We're Trusted By Product Owners 

Our promise of quality, on time delivery, innovation and cost-effectiveness have made us a sought-after OEM glove supplier for many famous global private labels. 

Our export markets include high quality demand countries such as Japan, Singapore, USA, New Zealand, Hong Kong, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Eastern Europe, UAE and many others. 

6. Shipping & Delivery

We partner with different established freight forwarders. We provide our customers with the most competitive shipping and insurance rates, shortest possible delivery time, and flexibility in shipping liner selection, while keeping to our customers’ choice of handling modes.

7. Low Minimums

Been turned away from other OEM,  private label or custom made manufacturers because they won't take on your project due to low quantities? We start custom ordering at a lower minimum boxes per order. 


We are very responsive and easy to work with. Contact us now!