Safety Gloves & Sleeves


PrimeHub range of gloves covers not only the basic disposable safety glove, but also for specific uses including chemical resistant, mechanical, temperature resistant and welding specific. Coming in a range of sizing and colours, finding the correct fitting glove will be easy. You will always find the right safety gloves as we feature a variety of options from disposable, nitrile, latex, synthetic, nylon, to PVC and more.

  • Uvex 6639 Unipur Glove, Uvex 6639 Safety Glove, Uvex Unipur Safety Glove, 6639 Unipur Safety Glove, Uvex 6639 Unipur, Uvex 6639 Glove, Uvex Unipur Glove, Uvex Safety Glove, 6639 Unipur Glove, 6639 Safety Glove, Unipur Safety Glove, Uvex 6639, Uvex Unipur, Uvex Glove, 6639 Unipur, 6639 Glove, Unipur Glove, Safety Glove, Uvex, 6639, Unipur, Glove


    Uvex 6639 Unipur Safety Glove

    The Uvex 6639 Unipur Safety Glove is an indispensable protective device made of polyamide material for durability and flexibility, and polyurethane coating on the fingertips and palm for abrasion and tear resistance. Lightweight and robust, the Unipur...

  • Mechanix MG-05 Work Glove, Mechanix MG-05 The Original, Mechanix MG-05 Original, Mechanix MG-05 Work, Mechanix MG-05 Glove, Mechanix The Original Glove, Mechanix Original Glove, Mechanix Work Glove, MG-05 The Original Glove, MG-05 Original Glove, MG-05 Work Glove, The Original Work Glove, Original Work Glove, Mechanix MG-05, Mechanix The Original, Mechanix Original, Mechanix Glove, MG-05 The Original, MG-05 Original, MG-05 Work, MG-05 Glove, The Original Glove, Original Glove, Work Glove, Mechanix, MG-05, The Original, Work, Glove, Original


    Mechanix MG-05 The Original Work Glove

    The Mechanix MG-05 The Original® Work Glove is the industry leader and pioneer of this specific line of work gloves, with trademark qualities that provide the desired blend of flexibility and protection. The Original® Work Glove is designed for...

  • Ansell 25-201 MICROFLEX NeoTouch, Ansell 25-201 MICROFLEX Gloves, Ansell 25-201 NeoTouch Gloves, Ansell MICROFLEX NeoTouch Gloves, 25-201 MICROFLEX NeoTouch Gloves, Ansell 25-201 MICROFLEX, Ansell 25-201 NeoTouch, Ansell 25-201 Gloves, Ansell MICROFLEX NeoTouch, Ansell MICROFLEX Gloves, Ansell NeoTouch Gloves, 25-201 MICROFLEX NeoTouch, 25-201 MICROFLEX Gloves, 25-201 NeoTouch Gloves, MICROFLEX NeoTouch Gloves, Ansell 25-201, Ansell MICROFLEX, Ansell NeoTouch, Ansell Gloves, 25-201 MICROFLEX, 25-201 NeoTouch, 25-201 Gloves, MICROFLEX NeoTouch, MICROFLEX Gloves, NeoTouch Gloves, Ansell, 25-201, MICROFLEX, NeoTouch, Gloves


    Ansell 25-201 MICROFLEX NeoTouch Gloves

    The Ansell 25-201 MICROFLEX NeoTouch Gloves are designed to provide splash resistance against a variety of chemicals, such as alcohols and acids, to protect users. Made from neoprene and designed to prevent type 1 allergic reactions, the MICROFLEX...

  • Ansell 92-605 TouchNTuff Gloves, Ansell 92-605 TouchNTuff, Ansell 92-605 Gloves, Ansell TouchNTuff Gloves, 92-605 TouchNTuff Gloves, Ansell 92-605, Ansell TouchNTuff, Ansell Gloves, 92-605 TouchNTuff, 92-605 Gloves, TouchNTuff Gloves, Ansell, 92-605, TouchNTuff, Gloves


    Ansell 92-605 TouchNTuff Gloves

    The Ansell 92-605 TouchNTuff Gloves are the world standard in chemical splash protection. They are highly durable and reliable, making the TouchNTuff Gloves robust and protecting them from easy damage in rough environments and with exposure to...

  • Ansell 92-600 TouchNTuff Gloves, Ansell 92-600 TouchNTuff, Ansell 92-600 Gloves, Ansell TouchNTuff Gloves, 92-600 TouchNTuff Gloves, Ansell 92-600, Ansell TouchNTuff, Ansell Gloves, 92-600 TouchNTuff, 92-600 Gloves, TouchNTuff Gloves, Ansell, 92-600, TouchNTuff, Gloves


    Ansell 92-600 TouchNTuff Gloves

    The Ansell 92-600 TouchNTuff Gloves are well-known for being among the best in the market to protect against chemical splashes of many varieties. Made with high quality, the TouchNTuff Gloves are extremely durable and are made specially to provide...

  • Ansell 12-214 Petroflex Gloves, Ansell Petroflex Chemical Gloves, Ansell Petroflex Resistant Gloves, Ansell 12-214 Chemical Gloves, Ansell 12-214 Resistant Gloves, Ansell Chemical Resistant Gloves, Petroflex 12-214 Chemical Gloves, Petroflex 12-214 Resistant Gloves, Petroflex Chemical Resistant Gloves, 12-214 Chemical Resistant Gloves, Ansell Petroflex Gloves, Ansell 12-214 Gloves, Ansell Chemical Gloves, Ansell Resistant Gloves, Petroflex 12-214 Gloves, Petroflex Chemical Gloves, Petroflex Resistant Gloves, 12-214 Chemical Gloves, 12-214 Resistant Gloves, Chemical Resistant Gloves, Ansell Gloves, Petroflex Gloves, 12-214 Gloves, Chemical Gloves, Resistant Gloves, Ansell Petroflex 12-214, Ansell Petroflex, Ansell 12-214, Petroflex 12-214, Ansell, Petroflex, 12-214, Gloves


    Ansell 12-214 Petroflex Chemical Resistant Gloves

    The Ansell 12-214 Petroflex Chemical Resistant Gloves are made for chemical protection in industries that often involve chemical handling. These chemical resistant gloves are made with a highly resistant and durable PVC coating that provides optimal...

  • Ansell 08-354 Scorpio Glove, Ansell, Ansell 08-354, Ansell 08-354 Glove, Ansell Scorpio, Ansell Scorpio Glove, Ansell 08-354 Scorpio, Ansell Glove, 08-354, 08-354 Scorpio, 08-354 Scorpio Glove, 08-354 Glove, Scorpio Glove, Scorpio, Glove


    Ansell 08-354 Scorpio Glove

    The Ansell 08-354 Scorpio Glove is a neoprene-coated safety glove that provides protection against a large variety of different chemicals. With a strong wet grip, this Scorpio Glove is highly liquid-proof, allowing it to be used efficiently and easily...

  • Ansell 09-924 Scorpio Glove, Ansell 09-924 Glove, Ansell 09-924, Ansell Scorpio Glove, Ansell, Ansell Scorpio, Ansell Glove, Ansell 09-924 Scorpio, 09-924, 09-924 Scorpio, 09-924 Scorpio Glove, 09-924 Glove, Scorpio Glove, Scorpio, Glove


    Ansell 09-924 Scorpio Glove

    The Ansell 09-924 Scorpio Glove is a high-quality neoprene glove designed to provide excellent, top-line protection against a variety of chemicals, including alcohols, acids, and more. This Scorpio Glove is designed specially to add mobility and...

  • PATRON 508500-0 Fire Knitted, PATRON 508500-0 Fire Welt, PATRON 508500-0 Fire Gloves, PATRON 508500-0 Knitted Welt, PATRON 508500-0 Knitted Gloves, PATRON 508500-0 Welt Gloves, PATRON Fire Knitted Welt, PATRON Fire Knitted Gloves, PATRON Fire Welt Gloves, PATRON Knitted Welt Gloves, 508500-0 Fire Knitted Welt, 508500-0 Fire Knitted Gloves, 508500-0 Fire Welt Gloves, 508500-0 Knitted Welt Gloves, Fire Knitted Welt Gloves, PATRON 508500-0 Fire, PATRON 508500-0 Knitted, PATRON 508500-0 Welt, PATRON 508500-0 Gloves, PATRON Fire Knitted, PATRON Fire Welt, PATRON Fire Gloves, PATRON Knitted Welt, PATRON Knitted Gloves, PATRON Welt Gloves, 508500-0 Fire Knitted, 508500-0 Fire Welt, 508500-0 Fire Gloves, 508500-0 Knitted Welt, 508500-0 Knitted Gloves, 508500-0 Welt Gloves, Fire Knitted Welt, Fire Knitted Gloves, Fire Welt Gloves, Knitted Welt Gloves, PATRON 508500-0, PATRON Fire, PATRON Knitted, PATRON Welt, PATRON Gloves, 508500-0 Fire, 508500-0 Knitted, 508500-0 Welt, 508500-0 Gloves, Fire Knitted, Fire Welt, Fire Gloves, Knitted Welt, Knitted Gloves, Welt Gloves, PATRON, 508500-0, Gloves


    PATRON 508500-0 Fire Knitted Welt Gloves

    The PATRON 508500-0 Fire Knitted Welt Gloves are made with extra protection to all areas of the hands and knuckles thanks to a high-resistance nappa calfskin material that is wearable and secure. In addition to being resistant to heat and water, the...

  • Honeywell NK803ES North Glove, Honeywell NK803ES Nitri-Knit Glove, Honeywell NK803ES Supported Glove, Honeywell NK803ES Nitrile Glove, Honeywell North Nitri-Knit Glove, Honeywell North Supported Glove, Honeywell North Nitrile Glove, Honeywell Nitri-Knit Supported Glove, Honeywell Nitri-Knit Nitrile Glove, Honeywell Supported Nitrile Glove, NK803ES North Nitri-Knit Glove, NK803ES North Supported Glove, NK803ES North Nitrile Glove, NK803ES Nitri-Knit Supported Glove, NK803ES Nitri-Knit Nitrile Glove, NK803ES Supported Nitrile Glove, North Nitri-Knit Supported Glove, North Nitri-Knit Nitrile Glove, North Supported Nitrile Glove, Nitri-Knit Supported Nitrile Glove, Honeywell NK803ES Glove, Honeywell North Glove, Honeywell Nitri-Knit Glove, Honeywell Supported Glove, Honeywell Nitrile Glove, NK803ES North Glove, NK803ES Nitri-Knit Glove, NK803ES Supported Glove, NK803ES Nitrile Glove, North Nitri-Knit Glove, North Supported Glove, North Nitrile Glove, Nitri-Knit Supported Glove, Nitri-Knit Nitrile Glove, Supported Nitrile Glove, Honeywell Glove, NK803ES Glove, North Glove, Nitri-Knit Glove, Supported Glove, Nitrile Glove, Honeywell, NK803ES, North, Nitri-Knit, Nitrile, Glove, Honeywell NK803ES North Nitri-Knit, Honeywell NK803ES North, Honeywell NK803ES Nitri-Knit, Honeywell North Nitri-Knit, NK803ES North Nitri-Knit, Honeywell NK803ES, Honeywell North, Honeywell Nitri-Knit, NK803ES North, NK803ES Nitri-Knit, North Nitri-Knit, Honeywell, NK803ES, North, Nitri-Knit, Glove


    Honeywell NK803ES North Nitri-Knit Supported Nitrile Glove

    The Honeywell NK803ES North Nitri-Knit Supported Nitrile Glove is a highly durable product with a knit interlock liner that provides added resistance against abrasions, cuts, and punctures. Comfortable to wear and very hygienic, this supported nitrile...

  • Honeywell 954 KCL Glove, Honeywell 954 Heat Glove, Honeywell 954 Resistant Glove, Honeywell KCL Heat Glove, Honeywell KCL Resistant Glove, Honeywell Heat Resistant Glove, 954 KCL Heat Glove, 954 KCL Resistant Glove, 954 Heat Resistant Glove, KCL Heat Resistant Glove, Honeywell 954 Glove, Honeywell KCL Glove, Honeywell Heat Glove, Honeywell Resistant Glove, 954 KCL Glove, 954 Heat Glove, 954 Resistant Glove, KCL Heat Glove, KCL Resistant Glove, Heat Resistant Glove, Honeywell Glove, 954 Glove, KCL Glove, Heat Glove, Resistant Glove, Honeywell 954 KCL, Honeywell 954, Honeywell KCL, 954 KCL, Honeywell, 954, KCL, Glove


    Honeywell 954 KCL Heat Resistant Glove

    The Honeywell 954 KCL Heat Resistant Glove is a heavy-knitted product made from wool, carbon, Para-Aramid, and leather, with the latter being on the cuff for added protection. This heat resistant glove can withstand up to 250 °C of heat, and its...

  • Honeywell Electrosoft Overglove, Honeywell Electrosoft, Honeywell Overglove, Electrosoft Overglove, Honeywell, Electrosoft, Overglove, Honeywell 2012897 Electrosoft Overglove, Honeywell 2012897 Electrosoft, Honeywell 2012897 Overglove, 2012897 Electrosoft Overglove, Honeywell 2012897, 2012897 Electrosoft, 2012897 Overglove, 2012897,Honeywell 2012898 Electrosoft Overglove, Honeywell 2012898 Electrosoft, Honeywell 2012898 Overglove, 2012898 Electrosoft Overglove, Honeywell 2012898, 2012898 Electrosoft, 2012898 Overglove, 2012898, Honeywell 2012899 Electrosoft Overglove, Honeywell 2012899 Electrosoft, Honeywell 2012899 Overglove, 2012899 Electrosoft Overglove, Honeywell 2012899, 2012899 Electrosoft, 2012899 Overglove, 2012899


    Honeywell Electrosoft Overglove

    The Honeywell Electrosoft Overglove is made from cowhide silicone grain leather that is extra durable and resilient for extra protective use. With water repellant features, this electrosoft overglove can be used for a wide variety of purposes. # Features...

  • Honeywell Electrosoft Electric Glove, Honeywell Electrosoft Glove, Honeywell Electric Glove, Electrosoft Electric Glove, Honeywell Electrosoft, Honeywell Glove, Electrosoft Glove, Electric Glove, Honeywell, Electrosoft, Glove, Honeywell 2091903 Electrosoft Glove, Honeywell 2091903 Electric Glove, 2091903 Electrosoft Electric Glove, Honeywell 2091903 Glove, 2091903 Electrosoft Glove, 2091903 Electric Glove, 2091903 Glove, 2091903, Honeywell 2091907 Electrosoft Glove, Honeywell 2091907 Electric Glove, 2091907 Electrosoft Electric Glove, Honeywell 2091907 Glove, 2091907 Electrosoft Glove, 2091907 Electric Glove, 2091907 Glove, 2091907, Honeywell 2091912 Electrosoft Glove, Honeywell 2091912 Electric Glove, 2091912 Electrosoft Electric Glove, Honeywell 2091912 Glove, 2091912 Electrosoft Glove, 2091912 Electric Glove, 2091912 Glove, 2091912, Honeywell 2091921 Electrosoft Glove, Honeywell 2091921 Electric Glove, 2091921 Electrosoft Electric Glove, Honeywell 2091921 Glove, 2091921 Electrosoft Glove, 2091921 Electric Glove, 2091921 Glove, 2091921, Honeywell 2091931 Electrosoft Glove, Honeywell 2091931 Electric Glove, 2091931 Electrosoft Electric Glove, Honeywell 2091931 Glove, 2091931 Electrosoft Glove, 2091931 Electric Glove, 2091931 Glove, 2091931, Honeywell 2091941 Electrosoft Glove, Honeywell 2091941 Electric Glove, 2091941 Electrosoft Electric Glove, Honeywell 2091941 Glove, 2091941 Electrosoft Glove, 2091941 Electric Glove, 2091941 Glove, 2091941


    Honeywell Electrosoft Electric Glove

    The Honeywell Electrosoft Electric Glove is fashioned from a durable and resistant natural latex that provides protection and comfort all in one. For optimal safety levels, this electric glove is CEI 903 and EN 60903 approved, meeting all related...

  • Kong Original IPWSDX Glove, Kong IPWSDX, Kong IPWSDX Glove, Kong Original Glove, Kong, Kong Original, IPWSDX, IPWSDX Glove, Glove, Safety Glove

    Kong Original

    Kong Original IPWSDX Glove

    The Kong Original IPWSDX Glove has been a staple of the oil and gas industry for many years. Developed by the OGSC, the industry’s official safety committee, this Kong Original Glove is guaranteed to be safe for use. The Kong Original Glove has...

  • Uvex 60049 Phynomic Allround, Uvex 60049 Phynomic Glove, Uvex 60049 Allround Glove, Uvex Phynomic Allround Glove, 60049 Phynomic Allround Glove, Uvex 60049 Phynomic, Uvex 60049 Allround, Uvex 60049 Glove, Uvex Phynomic Allround, Uvex Phynomic Glove, Uvex Allround Glove, 60049 Phynomic Allround, 60049 Phynomic Glove, 60049 Allround Glove, Phynomic Allround Glove, Uvex 60049, Uvex Phynomic, Uvex Allround, Uvex Glove, 60049 Phynomic, 60049 Allround, 60049 Glove, Phynomic Allround, Phynomic Glove, Allround Glove, Uvex, 60049, Phynomic, Allround, Glove


    Uvex 60049 Phynomic Allround Glove

    The Uvex 60049 Phynomic Allround Glove is a durable safety glove that provides lightweight dexterity for maximum mobility while in use. Working best with dry or mildly damp work environments, the Uvex 60049 is impervious to dirt, extremely breathable,...

  • Uvex 60070 Phynomic XG, Uvex 60070 Phynomic Glove, Uvex 60070 XG Glove, Uvex Phynomic XG Glove, 60070 Phynomic XG Glove, Uvex 60070 Phynomic, Uvex 60070 XG, Uvex 60070 Glove, Uvex Phynomic XG, Uvex Phynomic Glove, Uvex XG Glove, 60070 Phynomic XG, 60070 Phynomic Glove, 60070 XG Glove, Phynomic XG Glove, Uvex 60070, Uvex Phynomic, Uvex XG, Uvex Glove, 60070 Phynomic, 60070 XG, 60070 Glove, Phynomic XG, Phynomic Glove, XG Glove, Uvex, 60070, Phynomic, XG, Glove


    Uvex 60070 Phynomic XG Glove

    The Uvex 60070 Phynomic XG Glove provides a strong aqua-polymer grip that gives it one of the most secure and trustworthy oil grips within its market. Made for extra dexterity and flexibility so your fingers aren’t overly constricted, the Uvex...

  • Kimberly clark, Kleenguard A40 overboot with sole, Kimberly Clark Kleenguard elastic breathable overboot with sole, white breathable overboot with sole,  white breathable elastic overboot with sole

    Kimberly Clark

    Kleenguard A40 Light Duty Overboot with Sole

    Constructed using the A40 anti-static base sheet with robust sole, the Kleenguard A40 light duty overboot with sole improves safety and comfort in high-risk areas, protects against water-based splashes, liquids or dust particles as well as provides...

  • Kimberly clark, Kleenguard A40 overshoe with sole, KImberly Clark Kleenguard elastic breathable overshoe with sole,  white breathable elastic overshoe with sole

    Kimberly Clark

    Kleenguard A40 Overshoe With Sole

    Single-use Kleenguard A40 overshoe is constructed using the A40 anti-static base sheet with robust sole, thus improves the safety and comfort in high-risk areas. Kleenguard A40 overshoe with sole also protects against water-based splashes, liquids or...