About Us

        Feeling stressed? Overburdened by administrative requirements? Or simply wishing you had more time to spend with your patients?  

You’re not alone.  

Today’s healthcare practitioners are juggling a number of obstacles and challenges, despite their devotion to the practice of medicine and the health of their patients. Many of the top concerns facing today's healthcare practitioners have little to do with patient care. Instead, they lie on the administrative sides of operating a practice.
Electronic health records, effective management of time, dealing with patient no-shows, keeping up with technological advancements are everyday challenges, and there are many others as well, not the least of which is saving the lives of patients. These challenges have never been more poignant than they are today.
The increase in workloads for healthcare professionals encroaches on time spent with patients. Patients often complain they don’t get to speak with their doctors enough during a visit. Doctors echo the same sentiment. Medical professionals feel the bulk of their time is spent documenting care notes, but not administering care.

Administrative requirements aren’t going to do anything but increase. It’s not easy to keep up with mounting requirements for documentation, record keeping and procurement, but when you have a trusted healthcare partner dedicated to keeping your practice on top of requirements, it frees up your time to do more of what you do best: treat patients.

Struggling to get patients into exam rooms on time? Do you find yourself twiddling thumbs waiting for patients to arrive, only to miss your lunch or leave late when the schedule gets backed-up? If getting yourself out of bed and to the medical office each day is a more demanding challenge than normal, you could be tiptoeing into burnout territory.
   For many doctors and nurses, long hours and trying workloads already take a toll. Nurses are always multitasking at the edge of their limits. Medical burnouts are increasing at an alarming rate. Patients do not want spending time sitting in the waiting room only to have their concerns dismissed by an overworked physician.
Our experts understand your challenges first hand. As patients demand greater convenience, speedier service and effective treatment, PrimeHub help tackle the challenges to keep your practice in top form. 
Take the next step with us, advance the health of your practice.