Wound Drainage

  • Braun BR-D3 Drainobag 300, Braun BR-D3 Drainobag, Braun BR-D3 300, Braun Drainobag 300, BR-D3 Drainobag 300, Braun BR-D3, Braun Drainobag, Braun 300, BR-D3 Drainobag, BR-D3 300, Drainobag 300, Braun, BR-D3, Drainobag, 300


    Braun BR-D3 Drainobag 300

    For a quick and efficient way to remove secretions and blood, consider the Braun BR-D3 Drainobag 300. This Drainobag 300 comes equipped with an integrated vacuum gauge that allows clinicians to create a vacuum in the bottle as necessary...

  • Braun BR-D6 Drainobag 150, Braun BR-D6 Drainobag, Braun BR-D6 150, Braun Drainobag 150, BR-D6 Drainobag 150, Braun BR-D6, Braun Drainobag, Braun 150, BR-D6 Drainobag, BR-D6 150, Drainobag 150, Braun, BR-D6, Drainobag, 150


    Braun BR-D1 Drainobag 150

    The Braun BR-D1 Drainobag 150 is a high-vacuum wound drainage system with an integrated 150ml bottle. The Drainobag 150 is designed to suck up blood and bodily fluids from any would or body cavity quickly and efficiently. Features Sterile Double...

  • Braun BR-D6 Drainobag 600, Braun BR-D6 Drainobag, Braun BR-D6 600, Braun Drainobag 600, BR-D6 Drainobag 600, Braun BR-D6, Braun Drainobag, Braun 600, BR-D6 Drainobag, BR-D6 600, Drainobag 600, Braun, BR-D6, Drainobag, 600


    Braun BR-D6 Drainobag 600

    The Braun BR-D6 Drainobag 600 is a high-vacuum bottle that can hold up to 600ml of blood, bodily fluids, and secretions. As a result, the Drainobag 600 can be used for removing bodily fluids from all sorts of cavities when treating a patient...