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    Aesculap AE-MMHFE Modular Monopolar HF Electrodes

    The design of the Aesculap AE-MMHFE Modular Monopolar HF Electrodes has been optimised to make coagulation safe and efficient for both patient and clinician. The Monopolar HF Electrodes can also be easily disassembled and replaced, making it economical...

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    Aesculap AE-SS Storage Systems

    For the storage of all your tools, there is the uniquely-designed Aesculap AE-SS Storage Systems. This Storage System ensures that your tools will be kept in mint condition after use while providing protection. Features Universal silicon storage...

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    Aesculap AE-ATMNS AdTec Monopolar Noir Scissors

    The Aesculap AE-ATMNS AdTec Monopolar Noir Scissors are reusable scissors that allow for minimally invasive surgery. These Noir Scissors are covered with a special kind of coating that reduces annoying light reflections during use. Features Narrow...

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    Aesculap AE-ATM AdTec Monopolar

    The Aesculap AE-ATM AdTec Monopolar is a sleek, modern surgical tool that is optimized for surgical use. The design of the AdTec Monopolar allows surgeons to not only perform their tasks with great efficiency but also allows for the tool to be quickly...