Physio & Rehabilitation Aids

  • Sunrise Medical Quickie Xenon 2,  Quickie Xenon 2, Sunrise Medical Quickie, Sunrise Medical Foldable Wheelchair, Foldable Wheelchair

    Sunrise Medical

    Sunrise Medical Quickie Xenon 2

    Sunrise Medical Quickie Xenon 2 is the lightest aluminium folding wheelchair on the market. Combining a new unique cross-brace combined with the completely re-designed axle stem, this foldable wheelchair is easy to fold, lift and transport...

  • Sunrise Medical Quickie QXi, Sunrise Medical Quickie, Quickie QXi, Sunrise Medical Simplified Wheelchair, Sunrise Medical Wheelchair, Simplified Wheelchair, Wheelchair

    Sunrise Medical

    Sunrise Medical Quickie QXi

    Sunrise Medical Quickie QXi is durable, low-maintenance wheelchair frames that are perfect for the person looking for simplicity, longevity. At a lower price point, this simplified wheelchair provides the basic need for movement aids while...

  • Sunrise Medical Quickie QRi, Quickie QRi, Sunrise Medical Quickie, Sunrise Medical Rigid Wheelchair, Sunrise Medical Ultra Lightweight Wheelchair, Ultra Lightweight Wheelchair, Rigid Wheelchair

    Sunrise Medical

    Sunrise Medical Quickie QRi

    Sunrise Medical Quickie QRi is a rigid ultra lightweight wheelchair. Featuring an open strong frame design, this lightweight wheelchair ensures full support for daily life movements. Besides that, with a design that prioritize form and function, this...

  • Sunrise Medical Quickie Helium, Quickie Helium, Sunrise Medical Ultralight Wheelchair, High Performance Wheelchair

    Sunrise Medical

    Sunrise Medical Quickie Helium

    Sunrise Medical Quickie Helium is an ultra lightweight and high performance wheelchair. Incoporating modern Carbotecture and hydroforming technology, this wheelchair delivers impressive driving characteristics and quick, direct reactions...

  • GK Novum 100 Seat Lift, GK Novum 100, Novum 100, Seat Lift, Transfer Lift

    George Kramer

    GK Novum 100 Seat Lift

    GK Novum 100 Seat Lift is hydraulic seat lift providing the sturdiest support for patient and utmost assistance for caregivers. This seat lift meets even the highest demands in terms of sitting comfort and ergonomics. Praised by many nursing staffs...

  • GK Primus Shower Trolley, GK Shower Trolley, GK Primus, Shower Trolley

    George Kramer

    GK Primus Shower Trolley

    GK Primus Shower Trolley is built on innovative spirit and dedicated workmanship offering a pleasant experience for both patient and caregiver. This shower trolley can be easily adjusted to various height. With ergonomic design, the shower...

  • GK Ikarus Stretcher Lifter, GK Ikarus, GK Stretcher Lift, Patient Recliner Lift

    George Kramer

    GK Ikarus Stretcher Lifter

    GK Ikarus Stretcher Lifter is a patient recliner lift. This patient recliner lift is a moveable stretcher lift with electric height adjustment and an exchangeable battery system. If added with a digital scale, this patient recliner...

  • George Kramer Hektor Chair Lifter, George Kramer Patient Lifter, Patient Lifter

    George Kramer

    George Kramer Hektor Chair Lifter

    George Kramer Hektor Chair Lifter is a moveable bathing seat lift with electric height adjustment and an exchangeable battery system. Made of soft skin friendly polyurethane, narrow chassis and  wide ergonomically shaped hygiene seat,...

  • Niagara NI-3VTS 3D Vibrational, Niagara NI-3VTS 3D Therapy, Niagara NI-3VTS 3D Set, Niagara NI-3VTS Vibrational Therapy, Niagara NI-3VTS Vibrational Set, Niagara NI-3VTS Therapy Set, Niagara 3D Vibrational Therapy, Niagara 3D Vibrational Set, Niagara 3D Therapy Set, Niagara Vibrational Therapy Set, NI-3VTS 3D Vibrational Therapy, NI-3VTS 3D Vibrational Set, NI-3VTS 3D Therapy Set, NI-3VTS Vibrational Therapy Set, 3D Vibrational Therapy Set, Niagara NI-3VTS Vibrational, Niagara NI-3VTS Therapy, Niagara NI-3VTS Set, Niagara 3D Vibrational, Niagara 3D Therapy, Niagara 3D Set, Niagara Vibrational Therapy, Niagara Vibrational Set, Niagara Therapy Set, NI-3VTS 3D Vibrational, NI-3VTS 3D Therapy, NI-3VTS 3D Set, NI-3VTS Vibrational Therapy, NI-3VTS Vibrational Set, NI-3VTS Therapy Set, 3D Vibrational Therapy, 3D Vibrational Set, 3D Therapy Set, Vibrational Therapy Set, Niagara NI-3VTS, Niagara Vibrational, Niagara Therapy, Niagara Set, NI-3VTS Vibrational, NI-3VTS Therapy, NI-3VTS Set, 3D Vibrational, 3D Therapy, 3D Set, Vibrational Therapy, Vibrational Set, Therapy Set, Niagara, NI-3VTS, 3D, Vibrational, Therapy, Set


    Niagara NI-3VTS 3D Vibrational Therapy Set

    The Niagara NI-3VTS 3D Vibrational Therapy Set is a piece of medical equipment that comes in two portable and compact parts, making it convenient to stow away for travel. This Vibrational Therapy Set also comes with a wireless remote, which allows users...

  • Karma KP-12T Children's Wheelchair, Karma KP-12T Powered Wheelchair, Karma Children's Powered Wheelchair, KP-12T Children's Powered Wheelchair, Karma KP-12T Children's, Karma KP-12T Wheelchair, Karma Children's Wheelchair, Karma Powered Wheelchair, KP-12T Children's Wheelchair, KP-12T Powered Wheelchair, Children's Powered Wheelchair, Karma KP-12T, Karma Children's, Karma Wheelchair, KP-12T Children's, KP-12T Wheelchair, Children's Wheelchair, Powered Wheelchair, Karma, KP-12T, Children's, Powered, Wheelchair


    Children's Powered Wheelchair, KP-12T

    The design of the KP-12T Children's Powered Wheelchair takes into account the need to protect a child’s developing spine and body while they are using this wheelchair. As such, many features of this Children's Powered Wheelchair are designed to...

  • Soma SM150.5 F22/F16 Wheelchair, Soma SM150.5 F22/F16, Soma SM150.5 Wheelchair, Soma F22/F16 Wheelchair, SM150.5 F22/F16 Wheelchair, Soma SM150.5, Soma F22/F16, Soma Wheelchair, SM150.5 F22/F16, SM150.5 Wheelchair, F22/F16 Wheelchair, Soma, SM150.5, F22/F16, Wheelchair


    Soma SM150.5 F22/F16 Wheelchair

    The Soma SM150.5 F22/F16 Wheelchair provides a comfortable and simple option for both caretakers and users who require the need of a wheelchair. The F22/F16 Wheelchair comes equipped with padded armrests for additional comfort, and a cloth strip to...

  • Karma eFlexx Folding Wheelchair, Karma eFlexx Power Wheelchair, Karma Folding Power Wheelchair, eFlexx Folding Power Wheelchair, Karma eFlexx Wheelchair, Karma Folding Wheelchair, Karma Power Wheelchair, eFlexx Folding Wheelchair, eFlexx Power Wheelchair, Folding Power Wheelchair, Karma eFlexx, Karma Wheelchair, eFlexx Wheelchair, Folding Wheelchair, Power Wheelchair, Karma, eFlexx, Folding, Power, Wheelchair


    eFlexx Folding Power Wheelchair

    The eFlexx Folding Power Wheelchair is a robust, crash-tested wheelchair that can be used as a seat in motorised transportation. If this isn’t necessary, however, the Folding Power Wheelchair’s lightweight and compact design can be folded and...

  • Karma KS-848 Long-Distance Scooter, Karma KS-848 Power Scooter, Karma Long-Distance Power Scooter, KS-848 Long-Distance Power Scooter, Karma KS-848 Long-Distance, Karma KS-848 Scooter, Karma Long-Distance Scooter, Karma Power Scooter, KS-848 Long-Distance Scooter, KS-848 Power Scooter, Long-Distance Power Scooter, Karma KS-848, Karma Long-Distance, Karma Scooter, KS-848 Long-Distance, KS-848 Scooter, Long-Distance Scooter, Power Scooter, Karma, KS-848, Long-Distance, Power, Scooter


    Karma KS-848 Long-Distance Power Scooter

    The Karma KS-848 Long-Distance Power Scooter is designed to provide ultimate comfort and accessibility while travelling long distances. To provide additional peace of mind while travelling, this Power Scooter has a secondary braking system that can be...

  • Matsunaga FR-31TR Reclining Wheelchair, Matsunaga FR-31TR Reclining, Matsunaga FR-31TR Wheelchair, Matsunaga Reclining Wheelchair, FR-31TR Reclining Wheelchair, Matsunaga FR-31TR, Matsunaga Reclining, Matsunaga Wheelchair, FR-31TR Reclining, FR-31TR Wheelchair, Reclining Wheelchair, Matsunaga, FR-31TR, Reclining, Wheelchair


    Matsunaga FR-31TR Reclining Wheelchair

    The Matsunaga FR-31TR Reclining Wheelchair is a luxurious wheelchair that allows a user to completely recline if so desired. This Reclining Wheelchair allows clinicians and caretakers to move patients from their beds to other places, all while ensuring...

  • Matsunaga NEXT-21B Standard Wheelchair, Matsunaga NEXT-21B Standard, Matsunaga NEXT-21B Wheelchair, Matsunaga Standard Wheelchair, NEXT-21B Standard Wheelchair, Matsunaga NEXT-21B, Matsunaga Standard, Matsunaga Wheelchair, NEXT-21B Standard, NEXT-21B Wheelchair, Standard Wheelchair, Matsunaga, NEXT-21B, Standard, Wheelchair


    Matsunaga NEXT-21B Standard Wheelchair

    The Matsunaga NEXT-21B Standard Wheelchair is a foldable wheelchair that is comfortable and lightweight for the convenience of both user and helper. This Standard Wheelchair features foldable footrests and an integrated braking system for additional...

  • PMS PM-CW Child Walker, PMS PM-CW Child, PMS PM-CW Walker, PMS Child Walker, PM-CW Child Walker, PMS PM-CW, PMS Child, PMS Walker, PM-CW Child, PM-CW Walker, Child Walker, PMS, PM-CW, Child, Walker


    PMS PM-CW Child Walker

    The PMS PM-CW Child Walker is designed to assist a user in walking while providing adequate support. The Child Walker places support behind the user, which forces the user to develop an upright posture with use. Features: Latex-free handgrips Aligns...

  • Medcare ME-AFWF Adjustable Frame, Medcare ME-AFWF Foldable Frame, Medcare ME-AFWF Walking Frame, Medcare Adjustable Foldable Frame, Medcare Adjustable Walking Frame, Medcare Foldable Walking Frame, ME-AFWF Adjustable Foldable Frame, ME-AFWF Adjustable Walking Frame, ME-AFWF Foldable Walking Frame, Adjustable Foldable Walking Frame, Medcare ME-AFWF Frame, Medcare Adjustable Frame, Medcare Foldable Frame, Medcare Walking Frame, ME-AFWF Adjustable Frame, ME-AFWF Foldable Frame, ME-AFWF Walking Frame, Adjustable Foldable Frame, Adjustable Walking Frame, Foldable Walking Frame, Medcare ME-AFWF, Medcare Foldable, Medcare Frame, ME-AFWF Frame, Adjustable Frame, Foldable Frame, Walking Frame, Medcare, ME-AFWF, Adjustable, Foldable, Walking, Frame


    Medcare ME-AFWF Adjustable Foldable Walking Frame

    The Medcare ME-AFWF Adjustable Foldable Walking Frame is designed to assist users in providing stable support while walking. The Foldable Walking Frame features steel crossbars, which help contribute to a robust design that can easily bear any weight...

  • Medcare ME-TCS Tripod Cane, Medcare ME-TCS Tripod Seat, Medcare ME-TCS Cane Seat, Medcare Tripod Cane Seat, ME-TCS Tripod Cane Seat, Medcare ME-TCS Tripod, Medcare ME-TCS Cane, Medcare ME-TCS Seat, Medcare Tripod Cane, Medcare Tripod Seat, Medcare Cane Seat, ME-TCS Tripod Cane, ME-TCS Tripod Seat, ME-TCS Cane Seat, Tripod Cane Seat, Medcare ME-TCS, Medcare Tripod, Medcare Cane, Medcare Seat, ME-TCS Tripod, ME-TCS Cane, ME-TCS Seat, Tripod Cane, Tripod Seat, Cane Seat, Medcare, ME-TCS, Tripod, Cane, Seat


    Medcare ME-TCS Tripod Cane Seat

    The Medcare ME-TCS Tripod Cane Seat is a walking cane that has an included seat. This Cane Seat can be unfolded at any time to provide the user with a safe and stable space to sit down and rest. Features: Lightweight tube design Strong aluminium...

  • Medcare ME-TDCWSWS Ta-Da Chair, Medcare ME-TDCWSWS Chair with Seat, Medcare ME-TDCWSWS Ta-Da, Medcare ME-TDCWSWS Chair, Medcare ME-TDCWSWS Walking Stick, Medcare ME-TDCWSWS with Seat, Medcare Ta-Da Chair, Medcare Ta-Da Walking Stick, Medcare Ta-Da with Seat, Medcare Chair Walking Stick, Medcare Chair with Seat, Medcare Walking Stick with Seat, ME-TDCWSWS Ta-Da Chair, ME-TDCWSWS Ta-Da Walking Stick, ME-TDCWSWS Ta-Da with Seat, ME-TDCWSWS Chair Walking Stick, ME-TDCWSWS Chair with Seat, Ta-Da Chair Walking Stick, Ta-Da Chair with Seat, Medcare ME-TDCWSWS, Medcare Ta-Da, Medcare Chair, Medcare Walking Stick, Medcare with Seat, ME-TDCWSWS Ta-Da, ME-TDCWSWS Chair, ME-TDCWSWS Walking Stick, ME-TDCWSWS with Seat, Ta-Da Chair, Ta-Da Walking Stick, Ta-Da with Seat, Chair Walking Stick, Chair with Seat, Walking Stick with Seat, Medcare, ME-TDCWSWS, Ta-Da, Chair, Walking Stick, with Seat


    Medcare ME-TDCWSWS Ta-Da Chair Walking Stick with Seat

    The Medcare ME-TDCWSWS Ta-Da Chair Walking Stick with Seat uses premium materials in the construction of this walking stick. This is then combined with a robust construction design, which allows users of the Ta-Da Chair to be reassured of its stability...

  • Medcare S2490 Walking Rollator, Medcare S2490 Medcare Walking Rollator With Basket, S2490 Walking Rollator With Basket, Medcare S2490 Rollator, Medcare S2490 With Basket, Medcare Walking Rollator, Medcare Rollator With Basket, S2490 Walking Rollator, S2490 Rollator With Basket, Walking Rollator With Basket, Medcare S2490, Medcare Rollator, S2490 Rollator, S2490 With Basket, Walking Rollator, Rollator With Basket, Medcare, S2490, Rollator


    Medcare S2490 Walking Rollator With Basket

    For users who wish to combine support with convenience, the Medcare S2490 Walking Rollator With Basket is perfect. This Walking Rollator comes with a foldable frame and an adjustable handle height for additional convenient portability...