Clinical Furniture

  • Medcare ME-WS Ward Screen, Medcare ME-WS Screen, Medcare Ward Screen, ME-WS Ward Screen, Medcare ME-WS, Medcare Screen, ME-WS Screen, Ward Screen, Medcare, ME-WS, Ward, Screen


    Medcare ME-WS Ward Screen

    The Medcare ME-WS Ward Screen is designed to provide mobile privacy for patients in any kind of healthcare-related setting. This Ward Screen can be folded in four different ways to ensure privacy from all necessary directions as desired...

  • Medcare ME-EHLHB Electric Bed, Medcare ME-EHLHB Hi-Lo Bed, Medcare ME-EHLHB Hospital Bed, Medcare Electric Hi-Lo Bed, Medcare Electric Hospital Bed, Medcare Hi-Lo Hospital Bed, ME-EHLHB Electric Hi-Lo Bed, ME-EHLHB Electric Hospital Bed, ME-EHLHB Hi-Lo Hospital Bed, Electric Hi-Lo Hospital Bed, Medcare ME-EHLHB Bed, Medcare Electric Bed, Medcare Hi-Lo Bed, Medcare Hospital Bed, ME-EHLHB Electric Bed, ME-EHLHB Hi-Lo Bed, ME-EHLHB Hospital Bed, Electric Hi-Lo Bed, Electric Hospital Bed, Hi-Lo Hospital Bed, Medcare ME-EHLHB, Medcare Bed, ME-EHLHB Bed, Electric Bed, Hi-Lo Bed, Hospital Bed, Medcare, ME-EHLHB, Electric, Hi-Lo, Hospital, Bed


    Medcare ME-EHLHB Electric Hi-Lo Hospital Bed

    Designed to meet the needs of both patients and clinicians, the Medcare ME-EHLHB Electric Hi-Lo Hospital Bed comes equipped with various configurations. This Hospital Bed also features a medical motor system for extra convenience and adjustability...

  • Medcare ME-MHLHB Manual Bed, Medcare ME-MHLHB Hi-Lo Bed, Medcare ME-MHLHB Hospital Bed, Medcare Manual Hi-Lo Bed, Medcare Manual Hospital Bed, Medcare Hi-Lo Hospital Bed, ME-MHLHB Manual Hi-Lo Bed, ME-MHLHB Manual Hospital Bed, ME-MHLHB Hi-Lo Hospital Bed, Manual Hi-Lo Hospital Bed, Medcare ME-MHLHB Bed, Medcare Manual Bed, Medcare Hi-Lo Bed, Medcare Hospital Bed, ME-MHLHB Manual Bed, ME-MHLHB Hi-Lo Bed, ME-MHLHB Hospital Bed, Manual Hi-Lo Bed, Manual Hospital Bed, Hi-Lo Hospital Bed, Medcare ME-MHLHB, Medcare Bed, ME-MHLHB Bed, Manual Bed, Hi-Lo Bed, Hospital Bed, Medcare, ME-MHLHB, Manual, Hi-Lo, Hospital, Bed


    Medcare ME-MHLHB Manual Hi-Lo Hospital Bed

    The Medcare ME-MHLHB Manual Hi-Lo Hospital Bed is a unique bed specially designed to cater to the various needs of hospital patients and clinicians. This Hospital Bed includes features such as a hole-punching bed board type, aluminium alloy guardrail,...

  • Medcare ME-SP Stand Pole, Medcare ME-SP Pole, Medcare Stand Pole, ME-SP Stand Pole, Medcare ME-SP, Medcare Pole, ME-SP Pole, Stand Pole, Medcare, ME-SP, Stand, Pole


    Medcare ME-SP Stand Pole

    The Medcare ME-SP Stand Pole is a reliable stand pole that can be used in a hospice, a hospital, a home setting, or a clinic. This Stand Pole features a fully stainless steel construction and a wide base, which provides patients plenty of stability while...

  • Medcare ME-OT OverBed Table, Medcare ME-OT Table, Medcare OverBed Table, ME-OT OverBed Table, Medcare ME-OT, Medcare Table, ME-OT Table, OverBed Table, Medcare, ME-OT, OverBed, Table


    Medcare ME-OT OverBed Table

    The Medcare ME-OT OverBed Table is an adjustable table that can be used for both hospital beds and wheelchairs. The height of this OverBed Table can be adjusted with gas springs and then locked into place as desired. Features Laminated wooden...

  • Medcare ME-BR Bedside Rack, Medcare ME-BR Rack, Medcare Bedside Rack, ME-BR Bedside Rack, Medcare ME-BR, Medcare Rack, ME-BR Rack, Bedside Rack, Medcare, ME-BR, Bedside, Rack


    Medcare ME-BR Bedside Rack

    The Medcare ME-BR Bedside Rack is a durable bedside rack that features a clean, elegant design without sacrificing durability or usefulness. This Bedside Rack is fitted with multidirectional swivel wheels that grant it incredible mobility as necessary...

  • Esco 600 Bubble Ripple, Esco 600 Bubble Mattress, Esco 600 Ripple Mattress, Esco Bubble Ripple Mattress, 600 Bubble Ripple Mattress, Esco 600 Bubble, Esco 600 Ripple, Esco 600 Mattress, Esco Bubble Ripple, Esco Bubble Mattress, Esco Ripple Mattress, 600 Bubble Ripple, 600 Bubble Mattress, 600 Ripple Mattress, Bubble Ripple Mattress, Esco 600, Esco Bubble, Esco Ripple, Esco Mattress, 600 Bubble, 600 Ripple, 600 Mattress, Bubble Ripple, Bubble Mattress, Ripple Mattress, Esco, 600, Bubble, Ripple, Mattress


    Esco 600 Bubble Ripple Mattress

    The Esco 600 Bubble Ripple Mattress is a medical device designed to treat and manage pressure ulcers, which are also known as bedsores. The Bubble Ripple Mattress helps relieve pressure spots, preventing the development of bedsores and giving the patient...

  •  Medcare HFEPB99B, HFEPB99B Electric Obstetrics Table, Medcare HFEPB99B Electric Obstetrics Table, Electric Obstetrics Table, Obstetrics Table, Operating Table


    Medcare HFEPB99B Electric Obstetrics Table

    Medcare HFEPB99B Electric Obstetrics Table features operation combining both remote control and pedal switch for a high ease of use and synergy of movement. This obstetrics table model is made up of a cover for the base and column consisting of a 304...

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  • Medcare HFEOT99, HFEOT99, Medcare HFEOT99 Electric Operating Table, Electric Operating Table, Operating Table,


    Medcare HFEOT99 Electric Operating Table

    Medcare HFEOT99 Electric Operating Table multifunctional operating table capable of various requirements in operations such as long horizontal sliding making it also suitable for C arm and X-ray use. Features a micro touch remote control, providing...

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