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    MINDRAY BeneHeart C1A, Defibrillator

    MINDRAY BeneHeart C Series knows what a first-time rescuer needs, and provides the smart ResQNaviTM  technology to guide you through the tense rescue process step by step with animation coaching and voice prompts. The proficiency...

  • Huntleigh HU-LPIS LymphAssist Professional, Huntleigh HU-LPIS LymphAssist IPC, Huntleigh HU-LPIS LymphAssist System, Huntleigh HU-LPIS Professional IPC, Huntleigh HU-LPIS Professional System, Huntleigh HU-LPIS IPC System, Huntleigh LymphAssist Professional IPC, Huntleigh LymphAssist Professional System, Huntleigh LymphAssist IPC System, Huntleigh Professional IPC System, HU-LPIS LymphAssist Professional IPC, HU-LPIS LymphAssist Professional System, HU-LPIS LymphAssist IPC System, HU-LPIS Professional IPC System, LymphAssist Professional IPC System, Huntleigh HU-LPIS LymphAssist, Huntleigh HU-LPIS Professional, Huntleigh HU-LPIS IPC, Huntleigh HU-LPIS System, Huntleigh LymphAssist Professional, Huntleigh LymphAssist IPC, Huntleigh LymphAssist System, Huntleigh Professional IPC, Huntleigh Professional System, Huntleigh IPC System, HU-LPIS LymphAssist Professional, HU-LPIS LymphAssist IPC, HU-LPIS LymphAssist System, HU-LPIS Professional IPC, HU-LPIS Professional System, HU-LPIS IPC System, LymphAssist Professional IPC, LymphAssist Professional System, LymphAssist IPC System, Professional IPC System, Huntleigh HU-LPIS, Huntleigh LymphAssist, Huntleigh Professional, Huntleigh IPC, Huntleigh System, HU-LPIS LymphAssist, HU-LPIS Professional, HU-LPIS IPC, HU-LPIS System, LymphAssist Professional, LymphAssist IPC, LymphAssist System, Professional IPC, Professional System, IPC System, Huntleigh, HU-LPIS, LymphAssist, Professional, IPC, System


    Huntleigh HU-LPIS LymphAssist Professional IPC System

    The Huntleigh HU-LPIS LymphAssist Professional IPC System is designed for clinicians in need of an all-in-one machine that provides effective and comfortable Intermittent Pneumatic Compression (IPC) treatment. This Professional IPC System was developed...

  • Huntleigh HU-LSIG LymphAssist System, Huntleigh HU-LSIG LymphAssist IPC, Huntleigh HU-LSIG LymphAssist Garments, Huntleigh HU-LSIG System IPC, Huntleigh HU-LSIG System Garments, Huntleigh HU-LSIG IPC Garments, Huntleigh LymphAssist System IPC, Huntleigh LymphAssist System Garments, Huntleigh LymphAssist IPC Garments, Huntleigh System IPC Garments, HU-LSIG LymphAssist System IPC, HU-LSIG LymphAssist System Garments, HU-LSIG LymphAssist IPC Garments, HU-LSIG System IPC Garments, LymphAssist System IPC Garments, Huntleigh HU-LSIG LymphAssist, Huntleigh HU-LSIG System, Huntleigh HU-LSIG IPC, Huntleigh HU-LSIG Garments, Huntleigh LymphAssist System, Huntleigh LymphAssist IPC, Huntleigh LymphAssist Garments, Huntleigh System IPC, Huntleigh System Garments, Huntleigh IPC Garments, HU-LSIG LymphAssist System, HU-LSIG LymphAssist IPC, HU-LSIG LymphAssist Garments, HU-LSIG System IPC, HU-LSIG System Garments, HU-LSIG IPC Garments, LymphAssist System IPC, LymphAssist System Garments, LymphAssist IPC Garments, System IPC Garments, Huntleigh HU-LSIG, Huntleigh LymphAssist, Huntleigh System, Huntleigh IPC, Huntleigh Garments, HU-LSIG LymphAssist, HU-LSIG System, HU-LSIG IPC, HU-LSIG Garments, LymphAssist System, LymphAssist IPC, LymphAssist Garments, System IPC, System Garments, IPC Garments, Huntleigh, HU-LSIG, LymphAssist, IPC, Garments


    Huntleigh HU-LSIG LymphAssist System IPC Garments

    The Huntleigh HU-LSIG LymphAssist System IPC Garments are special medical garments developed for the use of the Intermittent Compression System (IPC). These IPC Garments can apply pressure on certain sections of the limbs for comfort and effective...

  • Covidien CO-CP Closurefast Procedure, Covidien CO-CP Closurefast, Covidien CO-CP Procedure, Covidien Closurefast Procedure, CO-CP Closurefast Procedure, Covidien CO-CP, Covidien Closurefast, Covidien Procedure, CO-CP Closurefast, CO-CP Procedure, Closurefast Procedure, Covidien, CO-CP, Closurefast


    Covidien CO-CP Closurefast Procedure

    The Covidien CO-CP Closurefast Procedure is a portable machine designed to assist with medical cauterisation techniques. With this device, medical experts can perform the Closurefast Procedure with great effectiveness and precision, eliminating the need...

  • Dopplex DO-AAAS Ability ABI, Dopplex DO-AAAS Ability System, Dopplex DO-AAAS Automatic ABI, Dopplex DO-AAAS Automatic System, Dopplex DO-AAAS ABI System, Dopplex Ability Automatic ABI, Dopplex Ability Automatic System, Dopplex Ability ABI System, Dopplex Automatic ABI System, DO-AAAS Ability Automatic ABI, DO-AAAS Ability Automatic System, DO-AAAS Ability ABI System, DO-AAAS Automatic ABI System, Ability Automatic ABI System, Dopplex DO-AAAS ABI, Dopplex DO-AAAS System, Dopplex Ability ABI, Dopplex Ability System, Dopplex Automatic ABI, Dopplex Automatic System, Dopplex ABI System, DO-AAAS Ability ABI, DO-AAAS Ability System, DO-AAAS Automatic ABI, DO-AAAS Automatic System, DO-AAAS ABI System, Ability Automatic ABI, Ability Automatic System, Ability ABI System, Automatic ABI System, Dopplex DO-AAAS, Dopplex ABI, Dopplex System, DO-AAAS ABI, DO-AAAS System, Ability ABI, Ability System, Automatic ABI, Automatic System, ABI System, Dopplex, DO-AAAS, ABI


    Dopplex DO-AAAS Ability Automatic ABI System

    The Dopplex DO-AAAS Ability Automatic ABI System is designed to be a portable, easy-to-use device for ABI measurements in hospitals, clinics, and homes. The ABI System has an integrated printer, allowing for an immediate result printout after each...

  • Dopplex D900 Doppler, Dopplex Audio Only Doppler, D900 Audio Only Doppler, Dopplex D900, Dopplex Doppler, D900 Doppler, Audio Only Doppler, Dopplex, D900, Doppler, Dopplex D900 Audio Doppler, Dopplex Audio Doppler, D900 Audio Doppler, Audio Doppler


    Huntleigh Dopplex D900 Audio Doppler

    For an affordable and reliable entry-level Doppler, look no further than the Dopplex D900 Audio Only Doppler. This non-directional, Audio Only Doppler is designed primarily for community doctors and nurses to take ABI measurements in leg ulcer management...

  • Dopplex DO-AABIK ABI Kit, Dopplex DO-AABIK Ankle Kit, Dopplex DO-AABIK Brachial Kit, Dopplex DO-AABIK Index Kit, Dopplex ABI Ankle Kit, Dopplex ABI Brachial Kit, Dopplex ABI Index Kit, Dopplex Ankle Brachial Index, Dopplex Ankle Brachial Kit, Dopplex Ankle Index Kit, Dopplex Brachial Index Kit, DO-AABIK ABI Ankle Kit, DO-AABIK ABI Brachial Kit, DO-AABIK ABI Index Kit, DO-AABIK Ankle Brachial Index, DO-AABIK Ankle Brachial Kit, DO-AABIK Ankle Index Kit, DO-AABIK Brachial Index Kit, ABI Ankle Brachial Kit, ABI Ankle Index Kit, ABI Brachial Index Kit, Ankle Brachial Index Kit, Dopplex DO-AABIK ABI, Dopplex DO-AABIK Kit, Dopplex ABI Kit, Dopplex Index Kit, DO-AABIK ABI Kit, DO-AABIK Brachial Kit, DO-AABIK Index Kit, ABI Brachial Kit, ABI Index Kit, Ankle Brachial Index, Ankle Brachial Kit, Ankle Index Kit, Brachial Index Kit, Dopplex DO-AABIK, Dopplex ABI, Dopplex Kit, DO-AABIK ABI, DO-AABIK Kit, ABI Kit, Index Kit, Dopplex, DO-AABIK, ABI, Ankle, Brachial, Index, Kit


    Dopplex DO-AABIK ABI Ankle Brachial Index Kit

    This Dopplex DO-AABIK ABI Ankle Brachial Index Kit has everything that is needed for assessing and diagnosing arterial diseases anywhere and anytime. This Ankle Brachial Index Kit has internal storage, allowing for Doppler waveforms to be recorded and...

  • Dopplex DO-DDWW DMX Doppler, Dopplex DO-DDWW Digital Doppler, Dopplex DMX Digital Doppler, DO-DDWW DMX Digital Doppler, Dopplex DO-DDWW DMX, Dopplex DO-DDWW Doppler, Dopplex DO-DDWW with Waveform, Dopplex DMX Doppler, Dopplex DMX with Waveform, Dopplex Digital Doppler, Dopplex Digital with Waveform, Dopplex Doppler with Waveform, DO-DDWW DMX Doppler, DO-DDWW DMX with Waveform, DO-DDWW Digital Doppler, DO-DDWW Digital with Waveform, DO-DDWW Doppler with Waveform, DMX Digital Doppler, DMX Digital with Waveform, DMX Doppler with Waveform, Digital Doppler with Waveform, Dopplex DO-DDWW, Dopplex DMX, Dopplex Doppler, Dopplex with Waveform, DO-DDWW DMX,DO-DDWW Doppler, DO-DDWW with Waveform, DMX Doppler, DMX with Waveform, Digital Doppler, Digital with Waveform, Doppler with Waveform, Dopplex, DO-DDWW, DMX, Digital, Doppler


    Dopplex DO-DDWW DMX Digital Doppler with Waveform

    The Dopplex DO-DDWW DMX Digital Doppler with Waveform is a medical device specially designed to visualise objective evidence in order to assist clinicians in making accurate diagnoses. This Digital Doppler achieves this by using a Dynamic Digital Noise...

  • Dopplex DO-AAATPK ATP Kit, Dopplex ATP Ankle and Toe, Dopplex ATP Pressure Kit, Dopplex Ankle and Toe Kit, Dopplex Ankle Pressure Kit, Dopplex Toe Pressure Kit, DO-AAATPK ATP Ankle and Toe, DO-AAATPK ATP Pressure Kit, DO-AAATPK Ankle and Toe Pressure, DO-AAATPK Ankle and Toe Kit, DO-AAATPK Ankle Pressure Kit, DO-AAATPK Toe Pressure Kit, ATP Ankle and Toe Kit, ATP Ankle Pressure Kit, ATP Toe Pressure Kit, Ankle and Toe Pressure Kit, Dopplex DO-AAATPK ATP, Dopplex DO-AAATPK Kit, Dopplex ATP Kit, Dopplex Pressure Kit, DO-AAATPK ATP Kit, DO-AAATPK Pressure Kit, ATP Pressure Kit, Ankle and Toe Pressure, Ankle and Toe Kit, Ankle Pressure Kit, Toe Pressure Kit, Dopplex DO-AAATPK, Dopplex ATP, Dopplex Kit, DO-AAATPK ATP, DO-AAATPK Kit, ATP Kit, Ankle and Toe, Pressure Kit, Dopplex, DO-AAATPK, ATP, Kit


    Huntleigh Dopplex Ankle and Toe Pressure (ATP) Kit

    The Huntleigh Dopplex Ankle and Toe Pressure (ATP) Kit combines several different technologies to assist specialists in monitoring a patient’s neuropathy and arterial health. This Ankle and Toe Pressure Kit can be used to measure safely measure the...




    EDAN SD3 ULTRASONIC FETAL DOPPLER features a compactly designed, lightweight and portable SD3 Vascular Doppler for use by doctors to detect fetal heart rate. Designed to be durable, with complete interchangeability and sensitivity for quick vascular...

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    EDAN SONOTRAX BASIC A FETAL DOPPLER is a Doppler fetal monitor is a hand-held ultrasound transducer used to detect the fetal heartbeat for prenatal care. Features an interchangeable waterproof probe and large backlight LCD display along with an accurate...