• Sunrise Medical Quickie Xenon 2,  Quickie Xenon 2, Sunrise Medical Quickie, Sunrise Medical Foldable Wheelchair, Foldable Wheelchair

    Sunrise Medical

    Sunrise Medical Quickie Xenon 2

    Sunrise Medical Quickie Xenon 2 is the lightest aluminium folding wheelchair on the market. Combining a new unique cross-brace combined with the completely re-designed axle stem, this foldable wheelchair is easy to fold, lift and transport...

  • Sunrise Medical Quickie QXi, Sunrise Medical Quickie, Quickie QXi, Sunrise Medical Simplified Wheelchair, Sunrise Medical Wheelchair, Simplified Wheelchair, Wheelchair

    Sunrise Medical

    Sunrise Medical Quickie QXi

    Sunrise Medical Quickie QXi is durable, low-maintenance wheelchair frames that are perfect for the person looking for simplicity, longevity. At a lower price point, this simplified wheelchair provides the basic need for movement aids while...

  • Sunrise Medical Quickie QRi, Quickie QRi, Sunrise Medical Quickie, Sunrise Medical Rigid Wheelchair, Sunrise Medical Ultra Lightweight Wheelchair, Ultra Lightweight Wheelchair, Rigid Wheelchair

    Sunrise Medical

    Sunrise Medical Quickie QRi

    Sunrise Medical Quickie QRi is a rigid ultra lightweight wheelchair. Featuring an open strong frame design, this lightweight wheelchair ensures full support for daily life movements. Besides that, with a design that prioritize form and function, this...

  • Sunrise Medical Quickie Helium, Quickie Helium, Sunrise Medical Ultralight Wheelchair, High Performance Wheelchair

    Sunrise Medical

    Sunrise Medical Quickie Helium

    Sunrise Medical Quickie Helium is an ultra lightweight and high performance wheelchair. Incoporating modern Carbotecture and hydroforming technology, this wheelchair delivers impressive driving characteristics and quick, direct reactions...

  • Sunrise Medical Quickie 2, Sunrise Medical Manual Wheelchair, Sunrise Medical Ultralight Wheelchair, Manual Wheelchair, Foldable Wheelchair

    Sunrise Medical

    Sunrise Medical Quickie 2

    Sunrise Medical Quickie 2 is a custom fit folding manual wheelchair. Featuring a modular design that fits a patient's body shape and individual need, this wheelchair also incorporates over 100,000 different complex rehab options. Besides that, this...

  • Asalaser M6, Robotized Laser System


    Asalaser M6

    Asalaser M6 is a device that enables the automatic execution of MLS® Laser Therapy: the movement of the column, of the arm and the rotation of the head with its 5 robotised directions, allow the multi-diode optical group to position...

  • Asalaser HIRO 3.0, Asalaser Physiotherapy Laser Device, Pysiotherapy Laser Device, HIRO 3.0, Orthopedic Physiotherapy Laser Device


    Asalaser HIRO 3.0

    Asalaser HIRO 3.0 is a physiotherapy laser device intended for the usage of ortophedic treatment. This pysiotherapy laser device treats oedema and muscle pain with great efficacy while at the same time obtaining an antalgic and...

  • Rehab Robotics Hand of Hope, Hand of Hope, Hand and Arm Therapy Training, Rehab Robotics

    Rehab Robotics

    Rehab Robotics Hand of Hope

    Rehab Robotics Hand of Hope is a therapy device used for neuromuscular rehabilitation of the hand and forearm that may help patients regain hand mobility through motor relearning. Functions as a biofeedback device where surface electromyography...

  • EWAC Partial Bath, EWAC Whirlpool, EWAC Underwater Massage Treatment, Whirlpool, Underwater Massage Treatment, Partial Bath


    EWAC Partial Bath

    EWAC Partial Bath is a hydrotherapy device mainly intended for the usage of underwater massage, treating your forearm and lower leg or to improve the blood circulation of the skin. With the adjustable massage nozzle, the adjustable pressure and...

  • EWAC Modular Pool, Modular Pool, EWAC Underwater Therapy, EWAC Hydrotherapy, Hydrotherapy


    EWAC Modular Pool

    EWAC Modular Pool allows for any available space to be turned into a hydrotherapy area for the sake of muscle therapy treatment. This modular pool is a freestanding unit that can be asembled at any possible location. This way, the modular pool can easily...

  • EWAC Butterfly Bath (Hubbard Tank), EWAC Hubbard Tank, EWAC Butterfly Bath, Butterfly Bath, Hubbard Tank


    EWAC Butterfly Bath (Hubbard Tank)

    EWAC Butterfly Bath is an an optimal hydrotherapy environment tank where the patient has total freedom of movement. Ergonomically designed with a butterfly shape and comfortable height, this treatment tank allows therapist to support and treat...

  • EWAC Burns Treatment Bath, Burns Treatment Bath, EWAC Burns Treatment, Burns Treatment


    EWAC Burns Treatment Bath

    EWAC Burns Treatment Bath is designed to specifically cater to the needs in the field of burns treatment and chronic skin problems. Developed by the leading specialists in the field, this burn treatment bath is designed in close cooperation...

  • GK Hera Sit-in Bathtub, GK Hera, GK Sit-in Bathtub, Sit-in Bathtub

    George Kramer

    GK Hera Sit-in Bathtub

    GK Hera Sit-in Bathtub is a bathtub designed to accommodate immobilized patient's need when it comes to hygiene. Simultaneously, this sit-in bathtub also prioritize the needs of caregivers by incorporating many electronical alternatives such as open side...

  • GK Relax Sit-in and Reclining Bathtub, GK Sit-in and Reclining Bathtub, GK Relax Bathtub, Sit-in and Reclining Bathtub

    George Kramer

    GK Relax Sit-in and Reclining Bathtub

    GK Relax Sit-in and Reclining Bathtub is bathtub with side entry providing easy access for patients while easing the burden of caregivers in delivering hygiene services. The design of the bathtub gives enough ground clearance to allow easy access...

  • GK Magic Lifting Bathtub, GK Magic, Lifting Bathtub

    George Kramer

    GK Magic Lifting Bathtub

    GK Magic Lifting Bathtub is a series of bathtub assisting caregivers in delivering the highest hygiene for impaired patients. Possessing highest requirements to function, ergonomics and ease of use, this lifting bathtub is a state of the art in...

  • GK Novum 100 Seat Lift, GK Novum 100, Novum 100, Seat Lift, Transfer Lift

    George Kramer

    GK Novum 100 Seat Lift

    GK Novum 100 Seat Lift is hydraulic seat lift providing the sturdiest support for patient and utmost assistance for caregivers. This seat lift meets even the highest demands in terms of sitting comfort and ergonomics. Praised by many nursing staffs...

  • GK Primus Shower Trolley, GK Shower Trolley, GK Primus, Shower Trolley

    George Kramer

    GK Primus Shower Trolley

    GK Primus Shower Trolley is built on innovative spirit and dedicated workmanship offering a pleasant experience for both patient and caregiver. This shower trolley can be easily adjusted to various height. With ergonomic design, the shower...

  • GK Ikarus Stretcher Lifter, GK Ikarus, GK Stretcher Lift, Patient Recliner Lift

    George Kramer

    GK Ikarus Stretcher Lifter

    GK Ikarus Stretcher Lifter is a patient recliner lift. This patient recliner lift is a moveable stretcher lift with electric height adjustment and an exchangeable battery system. If added with a digital scale, this patient recliner...

  • George Kramer Hektor Chair Lifter, George Kramer Patient Lifter, Patient Lifter

    George Kramer

    George Kramer Hektor Chair Lifter

    George Kramer Hektor Chair Lifter is a moveable bathing seat lift with electric height adjustment and an exchangeable battery system. Made of soft skin friendly polyurethane, narrow chassis and  wide ergonomically shaped hygiene seat,...

  • Hocoma AG Lokomat Pro, Lokomat Pro, Robotic Gait Training Machine, Muscle Rehabilitation Machine

    Hocoma AG

    Hocoma AG Lokomat Pro

    Hocoma AG Lokomat Pro is a robotic gait training machine intended for the usage of improving mobility in neurological patient. This gait training machine ensures the optimal exploitation of neuroplasticity and recovery potential. Besides that, this...