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    Braun 7240105 Askina Heel

    The Braun 7240105 Askina Heel is a medical foam device that is meant to protect the heel. The Askina Heel is anatomically shaped to fit and cover the malleolus of the patient without requiring further adjustments. Features Provides protection from...

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    3M R1547 Steri Strip Skin Closures (Reinforced)

    The 3M R1547 Steri Strip Skin Closures is a versatile skin closure strip that is meant to be used to close up surgical lacerations and early surgical incisions. These Steri Strip Skin Closures feature comfortable and hypoallergenic adhesives for...

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    3M 3590 Tegaderm Transparent Dressing with Absorbent Pad

    The 3M 3590 Tegaderm Transparent Dressing with Absorbent Pad is an island-style dressing designed to be used for just any wound-dressing situation. The Tegaderm Transparent Dressing features a waterproof, breathable film that provides patients comfort...