• Dräger Alcotest 6820 Med, Dräger Alcotest, Dräger Breathalyzer, Breathalyzer, Dräger 6820


    Dräger Alcotest 6820 Med

    Dräger Alcotest 6820 Med is a special version of a compact breathalyzer from Dräger Alcotest series. This breathalyzer is designed for diagnostic applications, where the CE marking for medical products is necessary. Besides that, this...

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  • Welch Allyn 2.75 mm Disposable Specula, Pediatric Disposable Specula, 2.75mm Disposable Specula, Welch Allyn Disposable Specula Part

    Welch Allyn

    Welch Allyn 2.75 mm Disposable Specula, 2 Packets

    Welch Allyn 2.75 mm Disposable Specula is the replacement part for Welch Allyn diagnostic style Otoscope. The disposable specula part comes at 2.75mm which is intended for pediatric usage. This disposable specula comes in a bag of 850...

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  • GlucoAlpha GA-LD Lancet Device, GlucoAlpha GA-LD Lancet, GlucoAlpha GA-LD Device, GlucoAlpha Lancet Device, GA-LD Lancet Device, GlucoAlpha GA-LD, GlucoAlpha Lancet, GlucoAlpha Device, GA-LD Lancet, GA-LD Device, Lancet Device, GlucoAlpha, GA-LD, Lancet, Device


    GlucoAlpha GA-LD Lancet Device

    puncturing for blood samples. This Lancet Device comes with a depth adjuster that is clearly indicated up to 5 levels, allowing users to determine the desired penetration depth. Features Accurate penetration Virtually pain-free Adjustable puncture...

  • GlucoAlpha GA-GSWL Glucose Strips, GlucoAlpha GA-GSWL Strips, GlucoAlpha GA-GSWL with Lancets, GlucoAlpha Glucose Strips, GlucoAlpha Glucose with Lancets, GlucoAlpha Strips with Lancets, GA-GSWL Glucose Strips, GA-GSWL Glucose with Lancets, GA-GSWL Strips with Lancets, Glucose Strips with Lancets, GlucoAlpha GA-GSWL, GlucoAlpha Strips, GlucoAlpha with Lancets, GA-GSWL Strips, GA-GSWL with Lancets, Glucose Strips, Glucose with Lancets, Strips with Lancets, GlucoAlpha, GA-GSWL, Glucose, Strips, with Lancets


    GlucoAlpha GA-GSWL Glucose Strips with Lancets

    The GlucoAlpha GA-GSWL Glucose Strips with Lancets is a unique glucose-measuring device that is easy to use. These Glucose Strips with Lancets have interesting designs that utilise 4-Pin connectors, making it highly distinguishable to spot...

  • Braun BR-O3S Omnitest 3,  Braun BR-O3S Omnitest Set,  Braun Omnitest 3 Set,  BR-O3S Omnitest 3 Set,  Braun BR-O3S Omnitest,  Braun BR-O3S Set,  Braun Omnitest 3,  Braun Omnitest Set,  BR-O3S Omnitest 3,  BR-O3S Omnitest Set,  Omnitest 3 Set,  Braun BR-O3S, Braun Omnitest,  Braun Set,  BR-O3S Omnitest,  BR-O3S Set,  Omnitest 3,  Omnitest Set,  Braun,  BR-O3S,  Omnitest,  3,  Set


    Braun BR-O3S Omnitest 3 Set

    The Braun BR-O3S Omnitest 3 Set is an all-inclusive glucose-testing kit that is compact and convenient. This Omnitest® 3 Set gives users complete functionality without sacrificing organisation and portability. Features Can store up to 500...

  • Braun BR-O5S Omnitest 5,  Braun BR-O5S Omnitest Set,  Braun Omnitest 5 Set,  BR-O5S Omnitest 5 Set,  Braun BR-O5S Omnitest,  Braun BR-O5S Set,  Braun Omnitest 5,  Braun Omnitest Set,  BR-O5S Omnitest 5,  BR-O5S Omnitest Set,  Omnitest 5 Set,  Braun BR-O5S,  Braun Omnitest,  Braun Set,  BR-O5S Omnitest,  BR-O5S Set,  Omnitest 5,  Omnitest Set,  Braun,  BR-O5S,  Omnitest,  5,  Set


    Braun BR-O5S Omnitest 5 Set

    The Braun BR-O5S Omnitest 5 Set is the next generation of tools designed to help measure your blood glucose levels. This Omnitest® 5 Set is quick, easy, and accurate - all while maintaining simplicity and convenience for the patient. Features Can...

  • Braun BR-OPS Omnitest Plus, Braun BR-OPS Omnitest Set, Braun BR-OPS Plus Set, Braun Omnitest Plus Set, BR-OPS Omnitest Plus Set, Braun BR-OPS Omnitest, Braun BR-OPS Plus, Braun BR-OPS Set, Braun Omnitest Plus, Braun Omnitest Set, Braun Plus Set, BR-OPS Omnitest Plus, BR-OPS Omnitest Set, BR-OPS Plus Set, Omnitest Plus Set, Braun BR-OPS, Braun Omnitest, Braun Plus, Braun Set, BR-OPS Omnitest, BR-OPS Plus, BR-OPS Set, Omnitest Plus, Omnitest Set, Plus Set, Braun, BR-OPS, Omnitest, Plus, Set


    Braun BR-OPS Omnitest Plus Set

    The Braun BR-OPS Omnitest Plus Set is a convenient and portable kit for measuring blood glucose levels anytime, anywhere. The Omintest Plus Set also features a compartmentalised carry case that keeps everything organised and accessible. Features Five...