Digital Radiology

  • LAC Mobile Digital X-ray GM60A, Mobile Digital X-ray GM60A, Digital X-ray GM60A, X-ray GM60A, GM60A, LACGM60A, X-ray, Mobile Digital X-ray

    LAC Medical

    LAC Mobile Digital X-ray GM60A

    LAC Mobile Digital X-ray GM60A is a digital radiography equipment that is capable of delivering high-quality imaging with high diagnostic confidence with excellent image quality and reliable operation with enhanced usability. This digital...

  • Pehamed PE-MD Mammography Detector, Pehamed PE-MD Mammography, Pehamed PE-MD Detector, Pehamed Mammography Detector, PE-MD Mammography Detector, Pehamed PE-MD, Pehamed Mammography, Pehamed Detector, PE-MD Mammography, PE-MD Detector, Mammography Detector, Pehamed, PE-MD, Mammography, Detector


    Pehamed PE-MD Mammography Detector

    It is important for mammography X-ray machines to be tested on the regular for quality assurance - and the Pehamed PE-MD Mammography Detector is the machine for that. This Mammography Detector meets all ALPHAplus Dosimeter requirements for testing both...