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    Braun BR-IS Intrafix SafeSet

    For the delivery of any IV-based drugs and solutions, the Braun BR-IS Intrafix SafeSet is perfect. The Intrafix SafeSet is also incredibly versatile and can be used safely for both children and adults. Features Fully transparent Bacteria-tight air...

  • Braun BR-IP Intrafix Primeline, Braun BR-IP Intrafix, Braun BR-IP Primeline, Braun Intrafix Primeline, BR-IP Intrafix Primeline, Braun BR-IP, Braun Intrafix, Braun Primeline, BR-IP Intrafix, BR-IP Primeline, Intrafix Primeline, Braun, BR-IP, Intrafix, Primeline


    B Braun Intrafix Primeline

    The Braun BR-IP Intrafix Primeline is a universal IV set that is designed for gravity infusions, allowing clinicians to deliver drugs efficiently and effectively. This Intrafix Primeline also can be used for pressure infusions that do not have a...

  • Braun BR-E Exadrop, Braun BR-E, Braun Exadrop, BR-E Exadrop, Braun, BR-E, Exadrop

    Braun BR-E Exadrop

    The Braun BR-E Exadrop is designed for clinicians to ensure accuracy while providing variable infusion rates. With the Braun Exadrop, clinicians can ensure drug efficiency and patient safety, as the Braun Exadrop makes it easy to adjust drug delivery...