Manifolds & Stopcocks

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    Baxter 2C6204 4-Way Large Bore Stopcock

    The Baxter 2C6204 4-Way Large Bore Stopcock is an infusion accessory that can be attached to just about any compatible device, thanks to its male luer lock adapter. Additionally, this Large Bore Stopcock is resistant to lipids despite its large bore and...

  • Baxter 2C9282 3-Port Manifold, Baxter 2C9282 3-Port, Baxter 2C9282 Manifold, Baxter 3-Port Manifold, 2C9282 3-Port Manifold, Baxter 2C9282, Baxter 3-Port, Baxter Manifold, 2C9282 3-Port, 2C9282 Manifold, 3-Port Manifold, Baxter, 2C9282, 3-Port, Manifold


    Baxter 2C9282 3-Port Manifold

    The Baxter 2C9282 3-Port Manifold is an infusion accessory that is free of PVC, plasticisers, and latex. This makes the 3-Port Manifold safe to use with just about any patient, regardless of their preexisting medical conditions...