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    AKITA ATG Geared Trolley

    The AKITA ATG Geared Trolley has a lightweight and robust construction, making it user-friendly. A durable baked enamel paint protection is applied on the geared trolley to increase its durability...

  • AKITA ATP Plain Trolley, AKITA ATP Plain, AKITA ATP Trolley, AKITA Plain Trolley, ATP Plain Trolley, AKITA ATP, AKITA Plain, AKITA Trolley, ATP Plain, ATP Trolley, Plain Trolley, AKITA, ATP, Plain, Trolley, ATP0.5T, ATP1T, ATP2T, ATP3T, ATP5T, ATP10T


    AKITA ATP Plain Trolley

    The AKITA ATP Plain Trolley has durable baked enamel paint protection, which extends its lifespan considerably for a better investment. Given a lightweight robust construction, this plain trolley is...