• ARGON ACN™, ARGON ACN™ Biopsy Needles, ACN™ Biopsy Needles, Biopsy Needles, Needles


    ARGON ACN™ Biopsy Needles

    ARGON ACN™ Biopsy Needles features needles for use with compatible automatic biopsy instrument. Designed as high quality core biopsy needles that are equipped to produce provision of...

  • ARGON Angiography Drapes, Angiography Drapes, Drapes, Angiography


    ARGON Angiography Drapes

    ARGON Angiography Drapes are drapes for angiography surgery and designed to provide efficient infection control. The drapes are easy to use and feature a transparent side panel so you can see the...

  • ARGON, ARGON Arterial Catheter Kits, Arterial Catheter Kits, Catheter Kits, Kits, Catheter


    ARGON Arterial Catheter Kits

    ARGON Arterial Catheter Kits features design and components for invasive monitoring of blood pressure and blood sampling. Specifications of this kit features 20 G sizing with a length of 3 inches or...

  • ARGON, ARGON Arterial Catheter Mini-Kits, Arterial Catheter Mini-Kits, Catheter Mini-Kits, Mini-Kits, Catheter


    ARGON Arterial Catheter Mini-Kits

    ARGON Arterial Catheter Mini-Kits features an arterial catheter designed as a thin, hollow tube that is placed into an artery (blood vessel) in the wrist, groin, or other location to measure...

  • ARGON, ARGON Arterial Catheter Trays, Arterial Catheter Trays, Arterial Catheter, Trays


    ARGON Arterial Catheter Trays

    ARGON Arterial Catheter Trays designed for use in arterial pressure monitoring and blood sampling through selecting puncture site and length of catheter needed by assessing patient anatomy and...

  • ARGON Arterial Needles, Arterial Needles,  Arterial, Needles


    ARGON Arterial Needles

    ARGON Arterial Needles features AMC/3 - Arterial Needle with removable Needle Adapter, AMC/4 - Clear Flashback Needle, AMC/4 - Winged Arterial Needle, Percutaneous Entry Needles...

  • ARGON Atrieve Vascular Snare Kit, Atrieve Vascular Snare Kit, Vascular Snare Kit, Snare Kit, Atrieve Vascular Snare, ARGON Atrieve Vascular Snare, Atrieve Vascular, Vascular, Atrieve


    ARGON Atrieve Vascular Snare Kit

    ARGON Atrieve Vascular Snare Kit features the kit including also a delivery catheter, introducer and torque device. The snare kit is designed with a radiopaque band on catheter for increased...

  • ARGON Biopsy Trays, Biopsy Trays, Trays, Biopsy


    ARGON Biopsy Trays

    ARGON Biopsy Trays features soft tissue needles that are available individually or in convenient procedure trays. The components of our sterile, single-use trays are arranged in sequential order to...

  • ARGON Bone Marrow Aspiration Needles,  Bone Marrow Aspiration Needles, Aspiration Needles, Needles


    ARGON Bone Marrow Aspiration Needles

    ARGON Bone Marrow Aspiration Needles designed with Luer lock connector on the handle for secure syringe attachment and a needle stop that is removable and adjustable to be able control properly...

  • Argon Bone Marrow Harvest Needles, Bone Marrow Harvest Needles, Harvest Needles, Needles


    Argon Bone Marrow Harvest Needles

    Argon Bone Marrow Harvest Needles features a standard bevel tip or a double-diamond tip and side holes to allow for efficient aspiration. This model of biopsy needle comes with an ergonomically...

  • ARGON Drainage Bags, Drainage Bags, Bags, Drainage


    ARGON Drainage Bags

    ARGON Drainage Bags features a fully adjustable soft belt that enhances convenience for patient. Designed with an anti-reflux valve which prevents retrograde contamination and fitted with a...

  • ARGON, ARGON Drainage Trays, Drainage Trays, Trays, Drainage


    ARGON Drainage Trays

    ARGON Drainage Trays include extensively wide and varied specification of drainage trays such as options for Standard Centesis Procedure Trays, Centesis Procedure Accessory...

  • ARGON EKM Inflation Device, EKM Inflation Device, Inflation Device, EKM, EKM Inflation


    ARGON EKM Inflation Device

    ARGON EKM Inflation Device features a 30 atm inflation device with a built-in analog display. The stopcock in this EKM inflation device is designed as a 3-way stopcock. Special feature includes...

  • ARGON Endomyocardial Biopsy Accessories, Endomyocardial Biopsy Accessories, Biopsy Accessories, Accessories


    ARGON Endomyocardial Biopsy Accessories

    ARGON Endomyocardial Biopsy Accessories features specifications such as: Axcess Introducers with Double-ended Wire: size: 5F, 6F, 7F, 8F length: 11 cm guidewire diameter: 0.038...

  • ARGON Equipment Covers, Equipment Covers, Equipment, Covers


    ARGON Equipment Covers

    ARGON Equipment Covers for designed to properly cover your equipment so that it will be safe from the damaging effects of the sun, wind, rain, snow, dust, dirt, grime, oil, grease, and other hazards...

  • ARGON Fine Needle Aspiration Biopsy Needles, Fine Needle Aspiration Biopsy Needles, Aspiration Biopsy Needles, Biopsy Needles, Needles


    ARGON Fine Needle Aspiration Biopsy Needles

    ARGON Fine Needle Aspiration Biopsy Needles features the traditional fine needle aspiration biopsy needles with improved and enhanced needles for harvesting aspirate for uses such as cytological...