Ansell is a leading global provider of protection solutions. The company designs, develops and manufactures a wide range of protection solutions that meet the ever-changing needs and demands of the markets and industries. Protection is Ansell’s primary concern as millions of people around the world depend on the company in their professional and personal lives. Ansell’s vision is to create a world where people can enjoy optimal protection against the risk they are exposed to. 

Innovation has been at the core of Ansell's existence ever since its foundation: not only in its products, but also in the value-added services offered, the build up of the value chain, in the way Ansell approaches end-users.

Ansell research team works closely with marketing, sales, manufacturing and regulatory personnel to ensure they meet customer needs, product requirements and legal standards. By joining forces with renowned universities and leading research organizations worldwide, Ansell Limited innovates faster and with more market focus.