Material Handling



Selecting the right material handling equipment is vital to the success of your business. PrimeHub offers various types of handling equipment from chains to ropes, shackles and more to fit exactly what your operations requires. Browse our store now and stock up your material handling essentials today.


  • McKissick 416 Alloy Blocks, McKissick 416 Snatch Blocks, McKissick All Alloy Blocks, McKissick Alloy Snatch Blocks, 416 All Alloy Blocks, 416 Alloy Snatch Blocks, All Alloy Snatch Blocks, McKissick 416 Blocks, McKissick Alloy Blocks, McKissick Snatch Blocks, 416 Alloy Blocks, 416 Snatch Blocks, All Alloy Blocks, Alloy Snatch Blocks, McKissick 416, McKissick Blocks, 416 Blocks, Alloy Blocks, Snatch Blocks, McKissick, 416, Blocks, 193427, 193472, 193490, 193542, 193613, 193677


    McKissick 416 All Alloy Snatch Blocks (with Hook)

    The McKissick 416 All Alloy Snatch Blocks are a hook fitting rigging device specifically designed for wire rope sizes ranging from 3/4 to 7/8 inches in multiple combinations that increases lifting or pulling capacity. These single sheave snatch blocks...

  • McKissick 402 Alloy Blocks, McKissick 402 Snatch Blocks, McKissick All Alloy Blocks, McKissick Alloy Snatch Blocks, 402 All Alloy Blocks, 402 Alloy Snatch Blocks, All Alloy Snatch Blocks, McKissick 402 Blocks, McKissick Alloy Blocks, McKissick Snatch Blocks, 402 Alloy Blocks, 402 Snatch Blocks, All Alloy Blocks, Alloy Snatch Blocks, McKissick 402, McKissick Blocks, 402 Blocks, Alloy Blocks, Snatch Blocks, McKissick, 402, Blocks, 179238, 179283, 179318, 179363, 179434, 179498


    McKissick 402 All Alloy Snatch Blocks (with Tail Hook)

    The McKissick 402 All Alloy Snatch Blocks are a single sheave rigging component that increases lifting or pulling capacity and is specifically designed for wire rope sizes ranging from 3/4 to 7/8 inches in various configurations. The all alloy...

  • FRAM Master Link Assemblies, FRAM Master Link, FRAM Master Assemblies, FRAM Link Assemblies, Master Link Assemblies, FRAM Master, FRAM Link, FRAM Assemblies, Master Link, Master Assemblies, Link Assemblies, FRAM, Master, Link, Assemblies


    FRAM Master Link Assemblies

    The FRAM Master Link Assemblies are designed for the simple purpose of fixing loads and lifting equipment to certain types of slings, especially when these applications involve wire rope or chain rope. These master link assemblies meet European standards...

  • FRAM Master Link, FRAM Master, FRAM Link, Master Link, FRAM, Master, Link


    FRAM Master Link

    The FRAM Master Link is manufactured with a powerful design, providing high functionality with excellent caliber and ease of use. Made out of high-quality materials, this master link is both strong and durable, giving it a longer lifespan...

  • Billy Pugh, Billy Pugh SR, Billy Pugh Swing Rope, SR, SR Swing Rope, Swing Rope, Rope

    Billy Pugh

    Billy Pugh Swing Rope With Thimble - 22ft

    The Billy Pugh SR Swing Rope is an economical and high-quality product that is designed for offshore purposes and built to last. Apart from strong UV protection for safe usage outdoors, this swing rope is also specially treated to be highly durable,...

  • Modulift Low Height Lifting, Modulift Low Height Frames, Modulift Low Lifting Frames, Modulift Height Lifting Frames, Low Height Lifting Frames, Modulift Low Height, Modulift Low Lifting, Modulift Low Frames, Modulift Height Lifting, Modulift Height Frames, Modulift Lifting Frames, Low Height Lifting, Low Height Frames, Low Lifting Frames, Height Lifting Frames, Modulift Low, Modulift Height, Modulift Lifting, Modulift Frames, Low Height, Low Lifting, Low Frames, Height Lifting, Height Frames, Lifting Frames, Modulift, Low, Height, Lifting, Frames


    Modulift Low Height Lifting Frames

    The Modulift Low Height Lifting Frames are designed and manufactured for specific lifting applications in locations where height is severely restricted. The general difference with these Low Height Lifting Frames is the absence of top slings, whereby the...

  • Modulift Cascaded Spreader Beams, Modulift Cascaded Spreader, Modulift Cascaded Beams, Modulift Spreader Beams, Cascaded Spreader Beams, Modulift Cascaded, Modulift Spreader, Modulift Beams, Cascaded Spreader, Cascaded Beams, Spreader Beams, Modulift, Cascaded, Spreader, Beams


    Modulift Cascaded Spreader Beams

    The Modulift Cascaded Spreader Beams are internationally certified lifting tools that are engineered under stringent specifications for optimum performance. With customisable and flexible components, these hard-wearing and heavy-duty Cascaded Spreader...

  • Modulift CMOD T-Pieces, Modulift CMOD, Modulift T-Pieces, CMOD T-Pieces, Modulift, CMOD, T-Pieces


    Modulift CMOD T-Pieces

    The Modulift CMOD T-Pieces are developed to complement the entire CMOD lifting system and engineered for heavy-duty and high-capacity applications. Manufactured from durable and strong materials, these T-Pieces are optimised for loads with multiple...

  • Modulift CMOD Modular Spreader, Modulift CMOD Modular Frames, Modulift CMOD Spreader Frames, Modulift Modular Spreader Frames, CMOD Modular Spreader Frames, Modulift CMOD Modular, Modulift CMOD Spreader, Modulift CMOD Frames, Modulift Modular Spreader, Modulift Modular Frames, Modulift Spreader Frames, CMOD Modular Spreader, CMOD Modular Frames, CMOD Spreader Frames, Modular Spreader Frames, Modulift CMOD, Modulift Modular, Modulift Spreader, Modulift Frames, CMOD Modular, CMOD Spreader, CMOD Frames, Modular Spreader, Modular Frames, Spreader Frames, Modulift, CMOD, Modular, Spreader, Frames


    Modulift CMOD Modular Spreader Frames

    The Modulift CMOD Modular Spreader Frames are manufactured as part of the industrial lifting equipment system recommended for loads with more than two lifting points and designed for places where headroom is limited. Hard-wearing and long-lasting, these...

  • Modulift Spreader Beam, Modulift Spreader, Modulift Beam, Spreader Beam, Modulift, Spreader, Beam


    Modulift Spreader Beam

    The Modulift Spreader Beam is the leading industrial lifting equipment of its kind, manufactured to provide the ideal solution to most lifting requirements. With its lightweight and portable design, this spreader beam offers a wide range of...

  • Modulift Load Monitoring Spreader, Modulift Load Monitoring Beam, Modulift Load Spreader Beam, Modulift Monitoring Spreader Beam, Load Monitoring Spreader Beam, Modulift Load Monitoring, Modulift Load Spreader, Modulift Load Beam, Modulift Monitoring Spreader, Modulift Monitoring Beam, Modulift Spreader Beam, Load Monitoring Spreader, Load Monitoring Beam, Load Spreader Beam, Monitoring Spreader Beam, Modulift Load, Modulift Monitoring, Modulift Spreader, Modulift Beam, Load Monitoring, Load Spreader, Load Beam, Monitoring Spreader, Monitoring Beam, Spreader Beam, Modulift, Load, Monitoring, Spreader, Beam, AL12, AL24, AL34, AL50, AL70 AL70H


    Modulift Load Monitoring Spreader Beam

    The Modulift Load Monitoring Spreader Beam is a revolutionary end unit system that provides wireless real time data with its innovative active link technology. The first of its kind, this spreader beam is designed to significantly reduce the process of...

  • CAMLOK DC500 Drum Clamp, CAMLOK DC500 Drum, CAMLOK DC500 Clamp, CAMLOK Drum Clamp, DC500 Drum Clamp, CAMLOK DC500, CAMLOK Drum, CAMLOK Clamp, DC500 Drum, DC500 Clamp, Drum Clamp, CAMLOK, DC500, Drum, Clamp


    CAMLOK DC500 Drum Clamp

    The CAMLOK DC500 Drum Clamp is designed to lift and transport steel drums, where one clamp is enough to lift an empty or sealed drums. This drum clamp can also be used for lifting open and full drums carefully and concisely. and two clamps are used for...

  • CAMLOK TSD Standard Screw, CAMLOK TSD Standard Clamp, CAMLOK TSD Screw Clamp, CAMLOK Standard Screw Clamp, TSD Standard Screw Clamp, CAMLOK TSD Standard, CAMLOK TSD Screw, CAMLOK TSD Clamp, CAMLOK Standard Screw, CAMLOK Standard Clamp, CAMLOK Screw Clamp, TSD Standard Screw, TSD Standard Clamp, TSD Screw Clamp, Standard Screw Clamp, CAMLOK TSD, CAMLOK Standard, CAMLOK Screw, CAMLOK Clamp, TSD Standard, TSD Screw, TSD Clamp, Standard Screw, Standard Clamp, Screw Clamp, CAMLOK, TSD, Standard, Screw, Clamp


    CAMLOK TSD Standard Screw Clamp

    The CAMLOK TSD Standard Screw Clamp is designed to be used together with a ratchet lever hoist to align either steel structures or fabrications. Being made out of strong and durable high-quality materials, this standard screw clamp has a long lifespan...

  • CAMLOK CZ92 Vertical Plate, CAMLOK CZ92 Vertical Clamp, CAMLOK CZ92 Plate Clamp, CAMLOK Vertical Plate Clamp, CZ92 Vertical Plate Clamp, CAMLOK CZ92 Vertical, CAMLOK CZ92 Plate, CAMLOK CZ92 Clamp, CAMLOK Vertical Plate, CAMLOK Vertical Clamp, CAMLOK Plate Clamp, CZ92 Vertical Plate, CZ92 Vertical Clamp, CZ92 Plate Clamp, Vertical Plate Clamp, CAMLOK CZ92, CAMLOK Vertical, CAMLOK Plate, CAMLOK Clamp, CZ92 Vertical, CZ92 Plate, CZ92 Clamp, Vertical Plate, Vertical Clamp, Plate Clamp, CAMLOK, CZ92, Vertical, Plate, Clamp, CZ1, CZ1L, CZ2, CZ2L, CZ3, CZ3L, CZ4, CZ4L, CZ6, CZ6L, CZ8, CZ8L, CZ10, CZ10L, CZ12, CZ12L, CZ15, CZ15L, CZ20, CZ20L, CZ30, CZ30L


    CAMLOK CZ92 Vertical Plate Clamp

    The CAMLOK CZ92 Vertical Plate Clamp is primarily used for transportation of sheet metals and steel plates in the vertical position. It can also be used to lift them and rotate them a full 180°, and this vertical plate clamp performs its duties...

  • CAMLOK PH Pipe Hook, CAMLOK PH Pipe, CAMLOK PH Hook, CAMLOK Pipe Hook, PH Pipe Hook, CAMLOK PH, CAMLOK Pipe, CAMLOK Hook, PH Pipe, PH Hook, Pipe Hook, CAMLOK, PH, Pipe, Hook


    CAMLOK PH Pipe Hook

    The CAMLOK PH Pipe Hook is designed for use on a wide variety of different pipes, including sensitive ones, if purchased with the correct plastic cover. This pipe hook has a straightforward design that is easy to understand, making it simple and...

  • YOKE 8-204 Swivel Hoist, YOKE 8-204 Swivel Ring, YOKE 8-204 Hoist Ring, YOKE Swivel Hoist Ring, 8-204 Swivel Hoist Ring, YOKE 8-204 Swivel, YOKE 8-204 Hoist, YOKE 8-204 Ring, YOKE Swivel Hoist, YOKE Swivel Ring, YOKE Hoist Ring, 8-204 Swivel Hoist, 8-204 Swivel Ring, 8-204 Hoist Ring, Swivel Hoist Ring, YOKE 8-204, YOKE Swivel, YOKE Hoist, YOKE Ring, 8-204 Swivel, 8-204 Hoist, 8-204 Ring, Swivel Hoist, Swivel Ring, Hoist Ring, YOKE, 8-204, Swivel, Hoist, Ring, 8-204-004, 8-204-005, 8-204-010, 8-204-010L, 8-204-019, 8-204-019L, 8-204-021, 8-204-021L, 8-204-030, 8-204-030L, 8-204-042, 8-204-042L, 8-204-045, 8-204-045L, 8-204-070, 8-204-125, 8-204-135


    YOKE 8-204 Swivel Hoist Ring (UNC)

    The YOKE 8-204 Swivel Hoist Ring (UNC) is designed to possess 360° swivel with 180° pivot function for increased flexibility and user-friendliness. With each batch having undergone magnaflux crack detection, this swivel hoist ring has higher...

  • YOKE X-016 G100 Web, YOKE X-016 G100 Sling, YOKE X-016 G100 Connector, YOKE X-016 Web Sling, YOKE X-016 Web Connector, YOKE X-016 Sling Connector, YOKE G100 Web Sling, YOKE G100 Web Connector, YOKE G100 Sling Connector, YOKE Web Sling Connector, X-016 G100 Web Sling, X-016 G100 Web Connector, X-016 G100 Sling Connector, X-016 Web Sling Connector, G100 Web Sling Connector, YOKE X-016 G100, YOKE X-016 Web, YOKE X-016 Sling, YOKE X-016 Connector, YOKE G100 Web, YOKE G100 Sling, YOKE G100 Connector, YOKE Web Sling, YOKE Web Connector, YOKE Sling Connector, X-016 G100 Web, X-016 G100 Sling, X-016 G100 Connector, X-016 Web Sling, X-016 Web Connector, X-016 Sling Connector, G100 Web Sling, G100 Web Connector, G100 Sling Connector, Web Sling Connector, YOKE X-016, YOKE G100, YOKE Web, YOKE Sling, YOKE Connector, X-016 G100, X-016 Web, X-016 Sling, X-016 Connector, G100 Web, G100 Sling, G100 Connector, Web Sling, Web Connector, Sling Connector, YOKE, X-016, G100, Web, Sling, Connector, X-016-06, X-016-07, X-016-10, X-016-13, X-016-16, X-016-20, X-016-22


    YOKE X-016 G100 Web Sling Connector

    The YOKE X-016 G100 Web Sling Connector is manufactured out of high quality tempered alloy steel, giving it higher strength and durability. With a simple yet highly functional design, this web sling connector is user-friendly and simple to operate...

  • YOKE X-026 G100 Clevis, YOKE X-026 G100 Self Locking, YOKE X-026 G100 Hook, YOKE X-026 Clevis Self Locking, YOKE X-026 Clevis Hook, YOKE X-026 Self Locking Hook, YOKE G100 Clevis Self Locking, YOKE G100 Clevis Hook, YOKE G100 Self Locking Hook, YOKE Clevis Self Locking Hook, X-026 G100 Clevis Self Locking, X-026 G100 Clevis Hook, X-026 G100 Self Locking Hook, X-026 Clevis Self Locking Hook, G100 Clevis Self Locking Hook, YOKE X-026 G100, YOKE X-026 Clevis, YOKE X-026 Self Locking, YOKE X-026 Hook, YOKE G100 Clevis, YOKE G100 Self Locking, YOKE G100 Hook, YOKE Clevis Self Locking, YOKE Clevis Hook, YOKE Self Locking Hook, X-026 G100 Clevis, X-026 G100 Self Locking, X-026 G100 Hook, X-026 Clevis Self Locking, X-026 Clevis Hook, X-026 Self Locking Hook, G100 Clevis Self Locking, G100 Clevis Hook, G100 Self Locking Hook, Clevis Self Locking Hook, YOKE X-026, YOKE G100, YOKE Clevis, YOKE Self Locking, YOKE Hook, X-026 G100, X-026 Clevis, X-026 Self Locking, X-026 Hook, G100 Clevis, G100 Self Locking, G100 Hook, Clevis Self Locking, Clevis Hook, Self Locking Hook, YOKE, X-026, G100, Clevis, Self Locking, Hook, X-026-06, X-026-07, X-026-10, X-026-13, X-026-16, X-026-20, X-026-22


    YOKE X-026 G100 Clevis Self Locking Hook

    The YOKE X-026 G100 Clevis Self Locking Hook meets several safety standards, giving it increased reliability and ensures that it is fit to use. Made using high quality tempered alloy steel, this self locking hook has impressive strength and durability...

  • YOKE X-044 G100 Eye, YOKE X-044 G100 Sling, YOKE X-044 G100 Hook, YOKE X-044 Eye Sling, YOKE X-044 Eye Hook, YOKE X-044 Sling Hook, YOKE G100 Eye Sling, YOKE G100 Eye Hook, YOKE G100 Sling Hook, YOKE Eye Sling Hook, X-044 G100 Eye Sling, X-044 G100 Eye Hook, X-044 G100 Sling Hook, X-044 Eye Sling Hook, G100 Eye Sling Hook, YOKE X-044 G100, YOKE X-044 Eye, YOKE X-044 Sling, YOKE X-044 Hook, YOKE G100 Eye, YOKE G100 Sling, YOKE G100 Hook, YOKE Eye Sling, YOKE Eye Hook, YOKE Sling Hook, X-044 G100 Eye, X-044 G100 Sling, X-044 G100 Hook, X-044 Eye Sling, X-044 Eye Hook, X-044 Sling Hook, G100 Eye Sling, G100 Eye Hook, G100 Sling Hook, Eye Sling Hook, YOKE X-044, YOKE G100, YOKE Eye, YOKE Sling, YOKE Hook, X-044 G100, X-044 Eye, X-044 Sling, X-044 Hook, G100 Eye, G100 Sling, G100 Hook, Eye Sling, Eye Hook, Sling Hook, YOKE, X-044, G100, Eye, Sling, Hook, X-044/S-06, X-044/S-07, X-044/S-10, X-044/S-13, X-044/S-16, X-044/S-20, X-044/S-22, X-044/S-26, X-044/S-32


    YOKE X-044 G100 Eye Sling Hook

    The YOKE X-044 G100 Eye Sling Hook is made out of high quality tempered alloy steel, giving it both high strength and durability, making it a sound investment for rough work environments. This eye sling hook is designed and manufactured according to...