M&B Transcutaneous Jaundice Detector, MBJ 20

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M&B Transcutaneous Jaundice Detector, MBJ 20 features a design that can be hand-held for ease of testing infant neonate jaundice. Its compact form factor and lightweight, easy to use design has been constructed with a non-invasive procedure in mind to be able to immediately test transcutaneous concentration of bilirubin correlative using a serum bilirubin concentration.

This model of jaundice testing instrument features ease of use process with capability to test without harming the baby and casuing discomfort by drawing blood. Highly efficient and suitable for use by all doctors and nurses.


  • non-invasive procedure for testing
  • uses serum bilirubin concentration
  • light and compact instrument
  • ease of use, brings no discomfort to infant

M&B Transcutaneous Jaundice Detector, MBJ 20 designed with the infant's comfort in mind with a completely non-invasive process of testing using serum bilirubin concentration and merely placing device on the infant's skin therefore ensuring the baby's comfort and enabling enhanced working efficiency of doctors and nurses.