MAPA 977 Solo Green Disposable Nitrile Chemical Resistant Glove

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MAPA 977 Solo Green

MAPA 977 Solo Green Nitrile Chemical Resistant Glove deliver the best chemical protection in the disposable range, with good compromise between protection & dexterity. Suitable for wide range of chemicals.


  • MAPA 977 Solo Green is a FDA approved industrial grade disposable nitrile glove
  • Solo green nitrile chemical resistant glove has pebbled fingertips for a good secure grip
  • Nitrile chemical protective glove is interior chlorinated for better doning
  • MAPA 977 chemical work glove promises a good compromise between thickness, suppleness and resistance
  • Nitrile safety glove is available in 3 sizes namely M size, L size and XL size
  • Price is for a set of 10 boxes

MAPA 977 Solo Green Nitrile Chemical Resistant Glove is the best chemical protection in disposable range. Solo Green 977 disposable nitrile powder-free glove with rolled cuff. 4 mil. MAPA 977 Solo Green Nitrile Glove boasts superior dexterity for precision work. MAPA disposable nitrile gloves are used for Medical, Food Processing, and other Commercial or Industrial Hand Protection Applications.   

Recommended Applications include:

  • Cosmetics and Pharmaceutical industry: Handling in laboratories
  • Chemical industry: Sampling chemicals
  • Laboratory: Pharmaceutical preparation