HSG Catheters & Prostate Needles

  • ARGON Prostate Stabilization Needles, Prostate Stabilization Needles, Stabilization Needles, Needles, Prostate Stabilization


    ARGON Prostate Stabilization Needles

    ARGON Prostate Stabilization Needles designed with an echogenic tipped needle that improves accuracy of placement under ultrasound process. Features indicators for deployment position of the side barb and orientation of the needle point through design of...

  • ARGON Prostate Seeding Sets, Prostate Seeding Sets, Seeding Sets, Seeding, Prostate Seeding, Prostate


    ARGON Prostate Seeding Sets

    ARGON Prostate Seeding Sets features the 5003 series which is designed for use with the Mick® 200-TP and 200-TPV applicators. The prostate seeding set includes the 5005 needle cannula that was built to be more rigid for better trackability...

  • ARGON HSG Catheters, HSG Catheters, Catheters, HSG


    ARGON HSG Catheters

    ARGON HSG Catheters designed with a syringe with fixed volume for preventing over-inflation of the balloon that is made out of a non-latex and is soft and concentric to enable enhanced placement in the uterus or cervical canal and effectively seals...