3M Disposable Respirator 8822 FFP2 Rated, N95 Equivalent - Set of 20 pieces

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3M 8822 P2

The 3M Disposable Respirator 8822, FFP2 provides lightweight, comfortable and effective respiratory protection against dust, mists, fumes and smoke. Its lightweight construction promotes greater comfort and contributes to increased wear time. The cupped shape, twin strap design and adjustable steel nose clip provides a custom fit with fewer pressure points and a secure face seal over a range of face sizes. 

N95 is NIOSH approved (American standard), the respirator filters at least 95% of airborne particles and not resistant to oil. FFP2 is CEN approved (European standard- EN 149-2001) and it functions very similarly to N95 masks. FFP2 is the closest equivalent to N95  rated masks. FFP2 filters 94% of airborne particles, compared to the 95% of N95.

Designed with Cool Flow Exhalation Valve, 3M 8822 FFP2 reduces heat build-up and increased comfort.  Patented one-way valve offers easy exhalation and cooler, drier comfort. 3M 8822, FFP2 is an excellent choice for work settings involving heat, humidity and long periods of wear.


  • Traditional cup shape, with nose clip and twin strap design.
  • FFP2 rated filter
  • The convex shape, twin strap design, nose foam and nose clip ensure comfortable wear over a range of face sizes.
  • 3M Cool Flow Valve: Effective removal of heat build up provides a cooler and more comfortable wear. Removes exhaled air and minimises the risk of misting eyewear. 
  • Reliable, effective protection against fine particles.
  • Colour coded straps, blue = FFP2 (APF 10)
  • Price is for 2 boxes. Packed 10 pieces/box. Total 20 pieces. 

3M Disposable Respirator 8822, FFP2 is designed for use against both mechanically generated particulates and thermally generated fumes and smokes. All filter design provides economical protection with no cleaning required or spare parts to maintain.


  • Exposure to infectious aerosols via Aerosol droplet transfer
  • Dental care where aerosol and particle exposures are possible
  • Foundries
  • Bushfire fighting
  • Furnaces
  • Leadwork
  • Light Welding