3M Scotchcast 90-NA2 Resin Joint Kits

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3M Scotchcast 90-NA2 Resin Joint Kits are designed for multi-core, non-shielded, polymeric low voltage energy cables. This resin joint kit is used for the electrical insulation and mechanical protection of electrical cables. It also includes a special 2-part resin joint mix measured in precise amounts. Just tear the border and mix  thoroughly.


  • 2-part resin joint kit in twin chamber bag ready for mixing

  • Two part translucent mould body with cap to prevent contamination

  • Cable OD 14mm – 30mm

  • Cable conductor size 16mm – 25mm

Kit content

  • ScotchcastTM  resin bag

  • Mould body

  • PVC tape

  • Disposable gloves

  • Instructions

These resin joint kit can be used in various indoor and outdoor conditions. 3M Scotchcast 90-NA2 Resin Joint Kits are made for cables with Outside Diameters (OD) of between 14mm to 30mm. This can be done by trimming the tapered edges to the desired cable size. The 3M Scotchcast 90-NA2 Resin Joint Kit is also made for cable conductors with sizes ranging from 16mm to 25mm.