Medcare HF-I Breathe Resuscitation Bag

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Medcare HF-I Breathe Resuscitation Bag is an aspirator model consisting of several options for valves such as the fish mouth valve with capability to close during respiration to avoid unwanted back-flow. This aspirator model is also equipped with a pressure limit valve to ensure it doesn't stray into a high pressure output and so ensure safety. Made of mostly high-grade silicon and consisting of an airbag, valves, collection bag and mask this aspirator is capable for various mobile situations to deliver the best breath resuscitation use.


  • Main parts are made of silicon;
  • Aspirator valve is equipped with the fish mouth shape valve, which will close during respiration to avoid occurring flow backwards;
  • Be equipped with the pressure limit valve avoiding the higher pressure output;
  • The device is composed of Air bag, Aspirator valve, Collection air bag, Mask, Fish mouth shape valve;

Medcare HF-I Breathe Resuscitation Bag comes with three models: HF-I (suit for neonate or infant under 2 years);HF-II (suit for 2-7 years old children);HF-III (suit for adult) to enable the most suitable uses in various situations. It comes equipped with fish mouth shape valve with special back-flow elimination feature, aspirator valve, and other components to enable the best workflow in terms of aspirator use cases.