MSA V-Gard Green Safety Helmet - Full Brim Hat & Cap Style

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V-Gard Green

MSA V-Gard Green Safety Helmet, is the world’s pioneer in the production of environmentally friendly protective helmets. Made with biodegradable plastic this safety helmet offers the same protection and comfort as the traditional ones, except that this green protective hat helps cut carbon emission and atmospheric CO2.


  • Safety hard hat made of green high-density polyethelene (GHDPE), a biodegradable environmentally friendly plastic
  • V-Gard Green helmet shell is certified with 95% biobased content, approved by USDA Certified Biobased
  • MSA V-Gard protective helmet is offered in standard size with a FasTrac® ratchet suspension
  • V-Gard Green safety helmet, like traditional V-Gard helmets, is designed to stay out of landfills—both types of helmets can be recycled (“Number 2 Plastics” symbol)
  • Recyclable V-Gard safety helmet is available in 2 varying designs; full brim safety hat and hard hat cap style

  • Hard hat cap style measures 11”x8 ½” x 5 3/5” 0.86 lbs while V-Gard full brim safety hat measures 12”x10 ½” x 6 1/4” 0.93 lbs

MSA V-Gard GREEN helmets are produced from green high-density polyethylene (GHDPE), a biopolymer made from sugarcane-based ethanol. GHDPE is a renewable resource as sugarcane growth exceeds the rate of harvest. The MSA V-Gard Green offers the added benefits of cutting carbon emissions and reducing atmospheric CO2 as the safety hard hat is made of plant-derived GHDPE.

MSA V-Gard Green safety helmet comes in standard size with Fas-Trac® III suspension and are very comfortable to wear.  V-Gard protective hat comes in white, blue, green, red and yellow. Optional features like reverse donning, lower temperature, higher temperature can be added to this V-Gard Green Safety Helmet.