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PrimeHub carry a wide variety of safety gear or products to help you keep your employees, your equipment, and your business safe, even in the face of hazards. You’ll find everything from personal protective gear such as safety hard hats, protective gloves, noise reduction earmuffs, face shields, masks & respirators, and chemical spill kits to keep your operations running smoothly without putting people at risk of injury or illness. Browse our selection of safety products below, and check out our blog posts for more information about important safety topics.


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    Disposable 3-Ply Face Mask, 50 pieces per Pack

      Face masks are important in preventing the spread of viruses. Face or surgical mask creates a physical barrier between the mouth and nose of the wearer and potential contaminants in the immediate environment. If worn properly, a surgical...

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  • Disposable 3-Ply Face Mask, Pack of 50 pieces

      Face masks are important in preventing the spread of viruses. Face or surgical mask creates a physical barrier between the mouth and nose of the wearer and potential contaminants in the immediate environment. If worn properly, a surgical...

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  • 3M 5N11 Particulate Filter N95


    3M 5N11 Particulate Filter N95

    NIOSH approved for environments containing certain non-oil based particles. Use with 3M Respirators 6000 Series or 3M Cartridges 6000 Series and 3M Filter Retainer 501. The 3M Particulate Filter 5N11, N95 helps provide respiratory protection in...

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  • 3M 501 Filter Retainer


    3M 501 Filter Retainer

    The 3M Filter Retainer 501, Respiratory Protection System Component holds 3M Particulate Filters 5N11 in place on top of 3M Respirators 6000 Series and 3M Cartridges 6000 Series (all respirators, filters and cartridges sold separately). Approved 3M...

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  • 3M 8515 N95 Welding Respirator, torch cutting respirator, disposable N95 welding respirator, N95 respirator with valve, respirator with cool flow exhalation valve


    3M 8515 N95 Particulate Welding Respirator With Valve

    This economical N95 disposable particulate welding respirator helps provide respiratory protection for applications where metal fumes may be present. It features 3M Cool Flow Valve, braided headband and adjustable M noseclip for added comfort...

  • Redwing glasses wit strap on, Red Wing protective glasses with adjustable strap, safety glasses clear lens, stylish protective eyewear with clear lens, Redwing 95214, anti-fog protective eyewear, anti-fog safety glasses, lightweight, snug fit, anti scratch, UVA & UVB eyewear protection

    Red Wing

    Red Wing 95214 Safety Glasses with Strap, Clear Lens

    Red Wing 95214 Protective Eyewear is suitable for all-day wear. Designed with curved lenses, Red Wing 95214 offers fit with unlimited wrap around protection. Lenses are finished with anti-scratch hard coating and added anti-fog advantage. Red Wing...

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  • Petzl K094AA02 ASAP LOCK, Petzl K094AA02 ASAP Arrest, Petzl K094AA02 ASAP Kit, Petzl K094AA02 LOCK Arrest, Petzl K094AA02 LOCK Kit, Petzl K094AA02 Fall Arrest, Petzl K094AA02 Fall Kit, Petzl K094AA02 Arrest Kit, Petzl ASAP LOCK Arrest, Petzl ASAP LOCK Kit, Petzl ASAP Fall Arrest, Petzl ASAP Fall Kit, Petzl ASAP Arrest Kit, Petzl LOCK Fall Arrest, Petzl LOCK Fall Kit, Petzl LOCK Arrest Kit, Petzl Fall Arrest Kit, K094AA02 ASAP LOCK Arrest, K094AA02 ASAP LOCK Kit, K094AA02 ASAP Fall Arrest, K094AA02 ASAP Fall Kit, K094AA02 ASAP Arrest Kit, K094AA02 LOCK Fall Arrest, K094AA02 LOCK Fall Kit, K094AA02 LOCK Arrest Kit, K094AA02 Fall Arrest Kit, ASAP LOCK Fall Arrest, ASAP LOCK Fall Kit, ASAP LOCK Arrest Kit, ASAP Fall Arrest Kit, LOCK Fall Arrest Kit, Petzl K094AA02 ASAP, Petzl K094AA02 LOCK, Petzl K094AA02 Arrest, Petzl K094AA02 Kit, Petzl ASAP LOCK, Petzl ASAP Arrest, Petzl ASAP Kit, Petzl LOCK Arrest, Petzl LOCK Kit, Petzl Fall Arrest, Petzl Fall Kit, Petzl Arrest Kit, K094AA02 ASAP LOCK, K094AA02 ASAP Arrest, K094AA02 ASAP Kit, K094AA02 LOCK Arrest, K094AA02 LOCK Kit, K094AA02 Fall Arrest, K094AA02 Fall Kit, K094AA02 Arrest Kit, ASAP LOCK Arrest, ASAP LOCK Kit, ASAP Fall Arrest, ASAP Fall Kit, ASAP Arrest Kit, LOCK Fall Arrest, LOCK Fall Kit, LOCK Arrest Kit, Fall Arrest Kit, Petzl K094AA02, Petzl ASAP, Petzl LOCK, Petzl Arrest, Petzl Kit, K094AA02 ASAP, K094AA02 LOCK, K094AA02 Arrest, K094AA02 Kit, ASAP LOCK, ASAP Arrest, ASAP Kit, LOCK Arrest, LOCK Kit, Fall Arrest, Fall Kit, Arrest Kit, Petzl, K094AA02, ASAP, LOCK, Arrest, Kit


    Petzl K094AA02 ASAP LOCK Fall Arrest Kit

    The Petzl K094AA02 ASAP LOCK Fall Arrest Kit is a pre-assembled pack combining hallmark features and functions developed by the brand, that is ready to be used for fall protection at height. The Fall Arrest Kit comes with a NEWTON harness and a mobile...

  • Petzl K092AA01 ASAP LOCK, Petzl K092AA01 ASAP Lifeline, Petzl K092AA01 LOCK Lifeline, Petzl K092AA01 Vertical Lifeline, Petzl ASAP LOCK Lifeline, Petzl ASAP Vertical Lifeline, Petzl LOCK Vertical Lifeline, K092AA01 ASAP LOCK Lifeline, K092AA01 ASAP Vertical Lifeline, K092AA01 LOCK Vertical Lifeline, ASAP LOCK Vertical Lifeline, Petzl K092AA01 ASAP, Petzl K092AA01 LOCK, Petzl K092AA01 Lifeline, Petzl ASAP LOCK, Petzl ASAP Lifeline, Petzl LOCK Lifeline, Petzl Vertical Lifeline, K092AA01 ASAP LOCK, K092AA01 ASAP Lifeline, K092AA01 LOCK Lifeline, K092AA01 Vertical Lifeline, ASAP LOCK Lifeline, ASAP Vertical Lifeline, LOCK Vertical Lifeline, Petzl K092AA01, Petzl ASAP, Petzl LOCK, Petzl Lifeline, K092AA01 ASAP, K092AA01 LOCK, K092AA01 Lifeline, ASAP LOCK, ASAP Lifeline, LOCK Lifeline, Vertical Lifeline, Petzl, K092AA01, ASAP, LOCK, Lifeline


    Petzl K092AA01 ASAP LOCK Vertical Lifeline

    The Petzl K092AA01 ASAP LOCK Vertical Lifeline is a flexible and temporary fall arrest line that is secured to an anchor point at one end for vertical hanging from height. In the event of a fall, the ASAP LOCK Vertical Lifeline is equipped with the...

  • Petzl L071AA00 ASAP’SORBER Absorber, Petzl L071AA00 Energy Absorber, Petzl ASAP’SORBER Energy Absorber, L071AA00 ASAP’SORBER Energy Absorber, Petzl L071AA00 ASAP’SORBER, Petzl L071AA00 Absorber, Petzl ASAP’SORBER Absorber, Petzl Energy Absorber, L071AA00 ASAP’SORBER Absorber, L071AA00 Energy Absorber, ASAP’SORBER Energy Absorber, Petzl L071AA00, Petzl ASAP’SORBER, Petzl Absorber, L071AA00 ASAP’SORBER, L071AA00 Absorber, ASAP’SORBER Absorber, Energy Absorber, Petzl, L071AA00, ASAP’SORBER, Absorber


    Petzl L071AA00 ASAP’SORBER Energy Absorber

    The Petzl L071AA00 ASAP’SORBER Energy Absorber, with a length of 20 centimetres, provides the optimum balance between allowing the user to work at a distance from the rope, and reducing the drop distance in the event of a fall. The...

  • Petzl B071BA00 ASAP LOCK, Petzl B071BA00 ASAP Arrester, Petzl B071BA00 LOCK Arrester, Petzl B071BA00 Mobile Arrester, Petzl B071BA00 Fall Arrester, Petzl ASAP LOCK Arrester, Petzl ASAP Mobile Arrester, Petzl ASAP Fall Arrester, Petzl LOCK Mobile Arrester, Petzl LOCK Fall Arrester, Petzl Mobile Fall Arrester, B071BA00 ASAP LOCK Arrester, B071BA00 ASAP Mobile Arrester, B071BA00 ASAP Fall Arrester, B071BA00 LOCK Mobile Arrester, B071BA00 LOCK Fall Arrester, B071BA00 Mobile Fall Arrester, ASAP LOCK Mobile Arrester, ASAP LOCK Fall Arrester, ASAP Mobile Fall Arrester, LOCK Mobile Fall Arrester, Petzl B071BA00 ASAP, Petzl B071BA00 LOCK, Petzl B071BA00 Arrester, Petzl ASAP LOCK, Petzl ASAP Arrester, Petzl LOCK Arrester, Petzl Mobile Arrester, Petzl Fall Arrester, B071BA00 ASAP LOCK, B071BA00 ASAP Arrester, B071BA00 LOCK Arrester, B071BA00 Mobile Arrester, B071BA00 Fall Arrester, ASAP LOCK Arrester, ASAP Mobile Arrester, ASAP Fall Arrester, LOCK Mobile Arrester, LOCK Fall Arrester, Mobile Fall Arrester, Petzl B071BA00, Petzl ASAP, Petzl LOCK, Petzl Arrester, B071BA00 ASAP, B071BA00 LOCK, B071BA00 Arrester, ASAP LOCK, ASAP Arrester, LOCK Arrester, Mobile Arrester, Fall Arrester, Petzl, B071BA00, ASAP, LOCK, Arrester


    Petzl B071BA00 ASAP LOCK Mobile Fall Arrester

    The Petzl B071BA00 ASAP LOCK Mobile Fall Arrester is an effective and simple to use device with an integrated locking mechanism for constant protection in arresting falls, slides, and even strong wind. The twin catches in the ASAP LOCK allows fastening...

  • Petzl L64YUM 150 ABSORBICA-Y, Petzl L64YUM 150 Harness, Petzl L64YUM ABSORBICA-Y Harness, Petzl 150 ABSORBICA-Y Harness, L64YUM 150 ABSORBICA-Y Harness, Petzl L64YUM 150, Petzl L64YUM ABSORBICA-Y, Petzl L64YUM Harness, Petzl 150 ABSORBICA-Y, Petzl 150 Harness, Petzl ABSORBICA-Y Harness, L64YUM 150 ABSORBICA-Y, L64YUM 150 Harness, L64YUM ABSORBICA-Y Harness, 150 ABSORBICA-Y Harness, Petzl L64YUM, Petzl 150, Petzl ABSORBICA-Y, Petzl Harness, L64YUM 150, L64YUM ABSORBICA-Y, L64YUM Harness, 150 ABSORBICA-Y, 150 Harness, ABSORBICA-Y Harness, Petzl, L64YUM, 150, ABSORBICA-Y, Harness


    Petzl L64YUM 150 ABSORBICA-Y Harness

    The Petzl L64YUM 150 ABSORBICA-Y Harness is a double lanyard engineered as a vital link for fall protection and flexible movement at height while remaining connected in between anchorage points. The compact energy absorber in the ABSORBICA-Y Harness is...

  • Petzl C071CA00 AVAO BOD, Petzl C071CA00 AVAO Harness, Petzl C071CA00 BOD Harness, Petzl AVAO BOD Harness, C071CA00 AVAO BOD Harness, Petzl C071CA00 AVAO, Petzl C071CA00 BOD, Petzl C071CA00 Harness, Petzl AVAO BOD, Petzl AVAO Harness, Petzl BOD Harness, C071CA00 AVAO BOD, C071CA00 AVAO Harness, C071CA00 BOD Harness, AVAO BOD Harness, Petzl C071CA00, Petzl AVAO, Petzl BOD, Petzl Harness, C071CA00 AVAO, C071CA00 BOD, C071CA00 Harness, AVAO BOD, AVAO Harness, BOD Harness, Petzl, C071CA00, AVAO, BOD, Harness


    Petzl C071CA00 AVAO BOD Harness

    The Petzl C071CA00 AVAO BOD Harness is a vital protection equipment engineered for fall arrest, height suspension, and work positioning by offering the best in functionality and wearability. With an integrated fall indicator on the dorsal attachment...

  • Brady 51181 5-Lock Board, Brady 51181 5-Lock Kit, Brady 51181 5-Lock Lockout, Brady 51181 5-Lock Station, Brady 51181 Board Kit, Brady 51181 Board Lockout, Brady 51181 Board Station, Brady 51181 Kit Lockout, Brady 51181 Kit Station, Brady 51181 Lockout Station, Brady 5-Lock Board Kit, Brady 5-Lock Board Lockout, Brady 5-Lock Board Station, Brady 5-Lock Kit Lockout, Brady 5-Lock Kit Station, Brady 5-Lock Lockout Station, Brady Board Kit Lockout, Brady Board Kit Station, Brady Board Lockout Station, Brady Kit Lockout Station, 51181 5-Lock Board Kit, 51181 5-Lock Board Lockout, 51181 5-Lock Board Station, 51181 5-Lock Kit Lockout, 51181 5-Lock Kit Station, 51181 5-Lock Lockout Station, 51181 Board Kit Lockout, 51181 Board Kit Station, 51181 Board Lockout Station, 51181 Kit Lockout Station, 5-Lock Board Kit Lockout, 5-Lock Board Kit Station, 5-Lock Board Lockout Station, 5-Lock Kit Lockout Station, Board Kit Lockout Station, Brady 51181 Board, Brady 51181 Kit, Brady 51181 Lockout, Brady 51181 Station, Brady 5-Lock Board, Brady 5-Lock Kit, Brady 5-Lock Lockout, Brady 5-Lock Station, Brady Board Kit, Brady Board Lockout, Brady Board Station, Brady Kit Lockout, Brady Kit Station, Brady Lockout Station, 51181 5-Lock Board, 51181 5-Lock Kit, 51181 5-Lock Lockout, 51181 5-Lock Station, 51181 Board Kit, 51181 Board Lockout, 51181 Board Station, 51181 Kit Lockout, 51181 Kit Station, 51181 Lockout Station, 5-Lock Board Kit, 5-Lock Board Lockout, 5-Lock Board Station, 5-Lock Kit Lockout, 5-Lock Kit Station, 5-Lock Lockout Station, Board Kit Lockout, Board Kit Station, Board Lockout Station, Kit Lockout Station, Brady 51181, Brady Board, Brady Kit, Brady Lockout, Brady Station, 51181 Board, 51181 Kit, 51181 Lockout, 51181 Station, 5-Lock Board, 5-Lock Kit, 5-Lock Lockout, 5-Lock Station, Board Kit, Board Lockout, Board Station, Kit Lockout, Kit Station, Lockout Station, Brady, 51181, Board, Kit, Lockout, Station


    Brady 51181 5-Lock Board Kit Lockout Station

    The Brady 51181 5-Lock Board Kit Lockout Station is an industrial standard Lockout Tagout (LOTO) product with a capacity to hold five padlocks, plus lockout hasps and warning tags. In compliance with OSHA regulations and standards, the 5-Lock Board Kit...

  • Brady 105928 Access Padlock, Brady 105928 Access Station, Brady 105928 Padlock Station, Brady Ready Access Padlock, Brady Ready Access Station, Brady Access Padlock Station, 105928 Ready Access Padlock, 105928 Ready Access Station, 105928 Access Padlock Station, Ready Access Padlock Station, Brady 105928 Padlock, Brady 105928 Station, Brady Access Padlock, Brady Access Station, Brady Padlock Station, 105928 Access Padlock, 105928 Access Station, 105928 Padlock Station, Ready Access Padlock, Ready Access Station, Access Padlock Station, Brady 105928, Brady Padlock, Brady Station, 105928 Padlock, 105928 Station, Access Padlock, Access Station, Padlock Station, Brady, 105928, Padlock, Station


    Brady 105928 Ready Access Padlock Station

    The Brady 105928 Ready Access Padlock Station is a portable storage solution designed for secure access and containment of Lockout Tagout (LOTO) devices, specifically padlocks, hasps, and tags in compliance with OSHA standards. This padlock station is...

  • Brady 65778 Valve Lockout, Brady 65778 Valve Kit, Brady 65778 Lockout Kit, Brady 65778 Starter Kit, Brady Valve Lockout Kit, Brady Valve Starter Kit, Brady Lockout Starter Kit, 65778 Valve Lockout Kit, 65778 Valve Starter Kit, 65778 Lockout Starter Kit, Valve Lockout Starter Kit, Brady 65778 Lockout, Brady 65778 Kit, Brady Valve Lockout, Brady Valve Kit, Brady Lockout Kit, Brady Starter Kit, 65778 Valve Lockout, 65778 Valve Kit, 65778 Lockout Kit, 65778 Starter Kit, Valve Lockout Kit, Valve Starter Kit, Lockout Starter Kit, Brady Lockout, Brady Kit, 65778 Lockout, 65778 Kit, Valve Lockout, Valve Kit, Lockout Kit, Starter Kit, Brady, 65778, Lockout, Kit


    Brady 65778 Valve Lockout Starter Kit

    The Brady 65778 Valve Lockout Starter Kit is a convenient pack containing vital LOTO components for marking and securing various types of pipe valves in preparation for maintenance and service work. With a total of 26 items, this starter kit includes an...