Welch Allyn Harvey Elite Stethoscope

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Harvery Elite

Welch Allyn Harvey Elite Stethoscope is an updated style stethoscope with superior comfort and auscultation capabilities that cardiologists have come to trust and reply on. The stethoscope is  equipped with dual-bore, latex-free tubing that creates two uninterrupted sound channels with the optimally weighted, rugged, and stainless steel chestpiece for ease of use. Besides that, the diaphragm of this stethoscope is designed to accentuate cardiac,pulmonary and vascular sounds.


  • New Longer 28" Length
  • Full-range cardiology/pulmonology stethoscope
  • Double-head (bell and flat diaphragm) stainless steel chestpiece with nonchill rim
  • Rotatable stainless steel binaurals and interchangeable comfort sealing ear tips
  • Triple-leaf binaural spring encased in polyurethane allows size adjustment while preventing breakage
  • Latex free

Welch Allyn Harvey Elite Stethoscope is suitable for the use in a busy hospital setting. This stethoscope is not only lightweight, but highly durable and mobile for trained practitioner for their daily use. The stethoscope also features a dual head for an excellent acoustic sound.