Yuwell YT-1 Infrared Non Contact Thermometer

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The Yuwell YT-1 Infrared Non Contact Thermometer is an easy-to-use thermometer that presents results with the single push of a button. This Non Contact Thermometer features a real-time range-checking function which guides users to operate the device at the intended distance.


  • Quick and easy one-handed operation
  • Integrated measuring distance prompt
  • Easy visibility and interpretation
  • High definition, backlit display
  • Automatic warning beep for temperatures above 37.6 degrees
  • Colour change for additional warning
  • Certified accuracy by the CPA

For additional certainty, the Yuwell YT-1 Infrared Non Contact Thermometer’s measurement is certified to be accurate by the CPA. This Non Contact Thermometer further ensures its accuracy by using a dual-probe temperature measurement system for the best results.