Brilliance Pro Phototherapy

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Brilliance Pro Phototherapy features an integrated design and SmartTilt technology to ensure the best exposure conditions for infants with jaundice along with an integrated light meter to ensure the best in terms of process in phototherapy to be able to treat the infant. This phototherapy model features world-class emission spectrum, uniform intensity and treatment area. It is compatible with other equipment to increase capability such as infant warmers and incubators and bassinets making it stand out in any NICU.


  • integrated design
  • SmartTilt Technology
  • Energy efficient
  • minimal maintenance
  • comparative irradiance footprint

Brilliance Pro Phototherapy is a model of phototherapy machine equipped with adjustable height, therapy timer, backlit LCD, observation lights, no fan and integrated light meter. It is equipped to be minimally maintained and provide an easy and hassle-free experience for doctors to treat their infant patients, along with a comparative irradiance footprint to enable the best in phototherapy treatment and suitability of use in all clinical settings and NICU.