PHOENIX LED PT Phototherapy

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Phoenix LED PT Phototherapy infant incubator features a 455 nm peak intensity blue light lamp with safety design that ensures avoidance of unwanted UV and IR radiation on the infant patient. Constructed as a cart system, easily wheeled and transported between clinical and hospital environments. Includes a clear bassinet, support for attaching the bassinet and lamp positioned above the bassinet.


  • blue light with the peak intensity at 455 nm
  • no unwanted UV and IR radiation
  • light intensity is constant for 20,000 hours
  • treatment of jaundice is effective

Phoenix LED PT phototherapy infant incubator suitable for treatment of jaundice in infants. Designed with a blue light lamp function with intensity that is constant for reliable twenty thousand hours of continuous use for the best treament duration. It is also constructed with no UV and IR radiation to avoid harming of the infant while blue light is capable of 455 nm peak intensity enabling wide range of use in the hospital or clinic.