Medcare S-1 Low-pressure Aspirator

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Medcare S-1 Low-pressure Aspirator model of aspirator is designed for ease of use and simplicity with features such as enabling pressure adjustment and designed as a 1000ml liquid bottle with an alarm built-in to signify when the bottle is saturated with liquid and is a medical aspirator which is a suction machine used to remove mucus, blood, and other bodily fluids from a patient. This model of aspirator designed for use when standard vacuum equipment are unavailable such as situations outside of operating rooms.


  • Pressure can be adjusted;
  • 1000ml liquid bottle;
  • Alarm will occur when the bottle is full of fluid.

Medcare S-1 Low-pressure Aspirator features a 1000ml liquid bottle and a pressure adjustment machine. Model of medical aspirator suitable for mobility situations that require immediate use. Designed with an alarm to indicate when the bottle is full.