Medcare YP-910 Infant Incubator

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Medcare YP-910 Infant Incubator features micro-computer controlled air and baby modes with an advanced humidity concentration display system built-in enabling users to set temperature, air temperature, baby temperature and humidity concentration that are then displayed accurately and away from the main readings. Contains an alarm to indicate any failures in the system and has an embedded sensor box. This model of incubator includes an adjustable bassinet and a double walled hood for pairing with the automatic air circulation device.


  • Air mode and baby mode controlled by micro-computer;
  • Humidity concentration display system;
  • Set temperature, air temperature, baby temperature, humidity concentration are displayed separately;
  • >37_ temperature set function;
  • Failure alarm indication;
  • Embedded integrated sensor box;
  • Double wall hood, automatic air circulation device;
  • Inclination of bassinet is adjustable;
  • RS-232 connector.
  • Weighing system and Monitor shelf are optional.

Medcare YP-910 Infant Incubator comes with optional weighing system and monitor shelf along with an RS-232 connector for connectivity options. This model of infant incubator operates at >37_ temperature set function with several safety features built-in to ensure the best workflow in the clinical or hospital setting.